Friday Foot Favorites


After my morning client I stopped by the Farmer’s Market for some green plums. These are going to be my next favorite fruit – you know, after I eat all the world’s watermelon supply Because Friday should be all about fun fun let’s talk Favorites… Here are my favorite things from this week: 1. Target. Even better favorite – shopping with a Target gift card! I’ll show you my … [Read more...]

Flashback Friday–Vacation Week


Hello and Happy Friday! Ben and I are going on a road trip in honor of his birthday this weekend so I had to change my long run schedule. Yes, I run dramatically and with a goofy smile like this… My plan had me running 14-16 miles today(!), but I have to be at work at 9am and didn’t feel like waking up at 3am. So, I decided to just cut it back to 8 miles and give myself a … [Read more...]