Kern River Inn Bed and Breakfast

Hello from just outside Sequoia National Park! We stayed at a Bed & Breakfast last night – my first one ever! But, let me back track. IMG 9009 thumb Kern River Inn Bed and Breakfast

Ben and I drove up yesterday and made a quick stop for dinner. He got a burrito from some Mexican place.IMG 8970 thumb Kern River Inn Bed and Breakfast

I got a tuna salad from Subway. I would have gotten the sandwich, but they only had that white bread left (and not even the good kind with cheese on top!). IMG 8968 thumb Kern River Inn Bed and Breakfast

There were also road trip snacks! (The best part of a road trip if you ask me!!) IMG 8972 thumb Kern River Inn Bed and Breakfast

IMG 8974 thumb Kern River Inn Bed and Breakfast

The Sequoias are about 5-6 hours away from Orange County so we drove for about 3 plus and stopped for the night. We stayed at the Kern River Inn Bed & Breakfast. This is my first time at a B&B – I’ve ALWAYS wanted to stay at one! Is that weird?IMG 8997 thumb Kern River Inn Bed and Breakfast

We were greeted by the Inn Keeper and her cat, Max. He ended up sleeping with us most of the night! IMG 8978 thumb Kern River Inn Bed and Breakfast

Bed & Breakfast places are so weird, but awesome. It’s like staying at a friend’s house, but that friend was a stranger 5 minutes ago?! Our room was called  Whiskey Flats.IMG 8980 thumb Kern River Inn Bed and Breakfast IMG 8982 thumb Kern River Inn Bed and Breakfast  IMG 8989 thumb Kern River Inn Bed and Breakfast

We were tired and went straight to bed (with Max)!IMG 8987 thumb Kern River Inn Bed and Breakfast

This morning I took pictures of the Inn. It’s so cute! Here’s the dining area:

IMG 8992 thumb Kern River Inn Bed and Breakfast IMG 8993 thumb Kern River Inn Bed and Breakfast IMG 8994 thumb Kern River Inn Bed and Breakfast    IMG 9005 thumb Kern River Inn Bed and Breakfast

We checked out the river across the street while waiting for breakfast.IMG 9003 thumb Kern River Inn Bed and BreakfastIMG 9015 thumb Kern River Inn Bed and Breakfast

The spread was beautiful. The inn keeper and I talked about the blog while I took pictures of the food. Turns out this is her most “un-healthy” spread out of the usual. IMG 9018 thumb Kern River Inn Bed and Breakfast

This is a cross between a bread pudding and French Toast casserole with peaches. She doesn’t have an official name for it – can you think of one??IMG 9022 thumb Kern River Inn Bed and Breakfast

The rest of the spread…IMG 9024 thumb Kern River Inn Bed and Breakfast

I got a little of everything except the sausage. IMG 9035 thumb Kern River Inn Bed and BreakfastThis is a lemon yogurt muffin…

IMG 9032 thumb Kern River Inn Bed and Breakfast

And her homemade granola!IMG 9036 thumb Kern River Inn Bed and Breakfast

Now we’re headed to the giant Redwood trees! IMG 9022 thumb1 Kern River Inn Bed and Breakfast

Question: name this French Toast – Bread Pudding dish… (Today she made it with croissants, ricotta and peaches.)

Fun Fact: My secret dream is to open a B&B on the coast of CA one day icon smile Kern River Inn Bed and Breakfast


  1. says

    Just the thought of staying at a B&B creeps me out. It’s much easier for me to not think about who has stayed there before in a hotel where I know things are getting cleaned on a regular basis. Plus I hate small talk. So uncomfortable!

  2. says

    Peaches and cream french toast casserole?

    I’ve always wanted to stay at a B & B, too. The one you stayed at looks lovely. I used to live in Monterey and there are TONS in the area…SO beautiful.

    Hope you and Ben have a great time visiting Sequoia!

  3. Ida says

    Looks like a lovely trip so far! B&B’s are so much more fun than hotels.
    Maybe call the dish a breakfast casserole, but that name doesn’t seem to describe the yummy goodness well enough.

  4. Tracey says

    I would call it “Peachy Pain Perdu” since the French name for America’s French toast is Pain Perdu and the peaches enhance the deliciousness! My boyfriend and I love b-and-b’s – enjoy!

  5. Kate says

    Looks adorable! I love B&Bs, they’re so charming. It’s really fun to have a unique room. Sounds like you guys are already having a great trip. Enjoy!

  6. Jen G. says

    Whatever that thing is actually supposed to be called, I think “casserole dish of deliciousness” would be more appropriate.

  7. says

    Not to be taken literally but as soon as I saw the ingredients “croissants, ricotta, and peaches” I thought of an acronym: Crapa Casserole [Crossants, RicottA, PeaAches] :P Hope it didn’t taste like “crapa”!

    I visited the redwoods years ago when we did a CV vaca tour and was amazed by their size!

  8. says

    Hubby and I are taking a trip to Sequoia National Park in November. Can you include the names of any hikes you do when you blog about them for our reference?

    • says

      All we ended up having time for is the Congress Trail (not a legit hike). It is about 2 miles. Then, we walked to the museum about 1.7 miles away and took the tram back. It wasn’t difficult hiking, but I saw a BEAR!!!

  9. Angie says

    I love Sequoia! We usually camp though but we have driven by that B&B. Definitely hike up to Moro Rock. It’s beautiful. When we went in June our transmission went out up on the mountain. Not fun! Hope your trip is better.

  10. says

    That place you stayed looks great. Hubby and I stayed at one when we first were dating in Newport RI that we loved and was set up very similar. We stayed at another one on our honeymoon in North Conway NH and it was so crappy it inspired us to buy a timeshare down the street. Hope you have a good rest of the trip.

  11. Nicole says

    Looks like a cute place to stay! I’ve never been to a B&B either – and I really want to, too!!

    As for naming the dish, how about: Madamoiselle Peach’s Bread Pudding ?

  12. says

    I love bed and breakfasts! So quaint, and they all seem to have pets. I stayed at one in upstate NY (The Edge of Thyme, haha) and they had a bassett hound named Fred. It was the best!

  13. says

    I don’t think it is weird you have been wanting to stay and a B&B… they are SO charming! The first one I stayed at was in Montreal… in the morning we ate breakfast family style with other tourists from all over the world. It was so refreshing to truly connect with other people we didn’t know until that morning. Bread and Breakfasts are sort of humbling and connect us with the town/people in a world where we are so often disconnected from people (besides the internet of course)

    Maybe a French Breakfast Trifle? Or French Peach Pudding?? haha Looks delicious! How were those muffins? I love lemon ANYTHING :)

    Safe travels!!

  14. says

    B n B’s are so cute and my husband and I love staying in them. It is a little weird to stay in place that originally was someone’s house, but they’re so cozy. If you ever want another romantic place to go, The Seven Gables Inn in Pacific Grove is awesome. And it’s just a mile and a half walk (or short cab ride if you’ve had too much to drink) to Cannery Row in Monterey.

  15. says

    Such a cute bed & breakfast. I actually tend to prefer the buffets at a BB than at a big chain hotel, it’s so much more “natural” (the good ones anyway)

  16. Kristen says

    We had those same dining chairs when I was a child! How random! Yay for a bed and breakfast too, I wondered how places like that are doing with the state of our economy.

  17. says

    It looks like you’re in the holiday season when all the photos were taken. It seems a very enjoyable holiday for you. I see a lot of the photos show very beautiful angle and gorgeous, including the food photos. It looks like very delicious.

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