Sequoia National Park Day 2


Sunday morning we woke up covered in bug bites(!) and got ready to hit the road. Since we got into the Sequoia later than expected we didn’t get the chance to see much Saturday. So, we quickly packed up the tent and grabbed some breakfast. I packed hard boiled eggs in the cooler and a baggie of cereals. Ben busted out the chocolate covered espresso beans. You know, since we … [Read more...]

Sequoia National Park Visit – Day 1


(Alternate title – The Night I got Eaten Alive!!!) Apparently it’s been way too long since I went camping because I honestly didn’t realize I wasn’t going to get wifi or cell service?! Tragic, I know. So let’s catch up with my Saturday adventures! After we left the cute little B&B we headed to the Sequoia National Park. We ended up getting lost and it took long than it … [Read more...]