Don’t Shoot the Scale


Mid-afternoon today I had my green smoothie with cereals…  Dinner was unpictured because I was rushing. I was on MamavationTV tonight and had to report to the video chat at 6:50pm! But, apparently my cereal fix wasn’t satisfied because I wanted a night cap.  Then, there were some graham crackers and dark chocolate Ben was chomping on. What the fck?! Bah! I was … [Read more...]

Big Hands, Little Laptop


I forgot the power cord to my laptop at my mom’s so I’m struggling to use this little lapper. So, if you’ve noticed RER is weirder than normal, we’ll blame it on that. I can’t go get my cord until Wednesday, so we’ll see how this goes. But, I’m not complaining about my massive hands. I’m just glad they’re not part of a hand sandwich!( Lunch was one of my more … [Read more...]

Morbid Monday – Runner Safety


Hello! How was your weekend?! If you were busy living life, I stayed at my first B&B, camped and saw the General Sherman :) I didn’t run at all this weekend and we didn’t end up doing any real hiking because of time constraints. So, this morning my legs were ready for a run! I did just under 6 miles with no music – my ipod died as I was walking out the door :( Ever since … [Read more...]