Big Hands, Little Laptop

I forgot the power cord to my laptop at my mom’s so I’m struggling to use this little lapper. So, if you’ve noticed RER is weirder than normal, we’ll blame it on that. I can’t go get my cord until Wednesday, so we’ll see how this goes.IMG 9215800x533 thumb Big Hands, Little Laptop

But, I’m not complaining about my massive hands. I’m just glad they’re not part of a hand sandwich!handsandwich thumb Big Hands, Little Laptop(

Lunch was one of my more random salads. As I was heating up some fake chik’n nuggets I spotted this TJ’s find in my cabinet. I heated half of this and added it to the salad too.IMG 9208533x800 thumb Big Hands, Little Laptop So, there’s romaine, curry chickpeas, fake chik’n nuggest and hummus.IMG 9206800x533 thumb Big Hands, Little Laptop

Served up with toast just like I like it.IMG 9204800x533 thumb Big Hands, Little Laptop

But, not just any hummus… my old favorite – Sabra Garlic. IMG 9210800x533 thumb Big Hands, Little Laptop

However, my new favorite is Sabra Chipotle they just didn’t have it icon sad Big Hands, Little Laptop

RER PSA: This gum is not good. That must be the reason it was on clearance.  IMG 9207800x533 thumb Big Hands, Little Laptop   See ya tonight!


  1. says

    Yeah that gum sux…I like the green one and th blue one only ;)

    I just recently got that TJ’s chickpea cumin stuffs too! It was surprisingly good for how ummm interesting it looked coming out of the package…good times!

  2. says

    I once stopped someone in the clearance at Target and told them not to buy a gross gum flavor. I may have over stepped my stranger boundaries but it was important to me at the time.

  3. says

    Oh I love gum, but can’t seem to get myself to try anything that isn’t Extra Dessert Delights. The chickpeas sound so delicious! I have never had Sabra, but Athenos hummus is filling up the fridge right now.

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