Watermelon Wins

I got the big pack of yogurts from Costco today so I busted them open for a snack. Chia seeds and some cereal were added post pic. IMG_9263 (800x600)

Then, I headed to work for 3 evening clients.

When I got home it was after 8pm and I wanted food fast! I ate sliced turkey while heating this up – Broccoli with marinara and garlic cheese bread. Thoughts while eating this, “I don’t know why I don’t eat garlic cheese bread every night for dinner?!”IMG_9266 (800x600)

I’ve updated my non-existent meal plan to include cheesy bread every day now. I’m pretty excited about it :)

I told myself I was NOT going to cut this watermelon until tomorrow (since I have cherries and have been chomping them all day!!!).IMG_9268 (800x600)

Watermelon Fail.IMG_9270 (800x600)

Or Watermelon Win?! IMG_9269 (800x600)

I think win ;)    IMG_9271 (800x600)

Two more Watermelon Wins for tonight – this one speaks for itself  watermelon viagra


And I think I found my Halloween Costume for this year…watermelon costume

Perfect right?!


  1. says

    PERFECT Halloween costume Monica! I want to go as Edith Piaf but my boyfriend thinks that is lame because nobody will know who I am! First of all I think more people than he thinks will know plus, why does it matter! It’s Halloween and I can be anyone I want to be, right!? haha

    I could eat a huge ol’ bowl of broccoli EVERY night with marinara and cheese. It’s a great late night dinner :)

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    Hahah you sure do love your watermelon…. I used to be the same way with cantelope…but I’ve moved onto grapes… I purposefully buy half bags because if I bought the whole thing I would eat it all in one day.

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