Gatorade and The Women’s Sports Foundation


My work schedule is really weird this month and I don’t have any clients today (but tomorrow is crazy!). So, I spent the morning catching up on all the blog admin and email stuff I’ve been neglecting. Mid-morning I made hard boiled eggs, but couldn’t resist eating one right away. Then, I remembered Ben left half an avocado from his lunch. Mine now sucka! I smashed up an egg … [Read more...]

Washing and Drying Sports Bras


Happy Wednesday! I had a few handfuls of cereal before heading out for a 6 miler. I did the exact same route as yesterday and was over a minute faster (that’s a big deal to me). I just felt good today! I chomped on watermelon as I made breakfast. I don’t show all the pictures of my watermelon eating because I don’t want a ton of comments saying, “I get it, you like … [Read more...]