Dream House Hunters


Remember how I gave up diet soda this month? Apparently, I don’t because I passed by Sonic during Happy Hour and made a pit stop. No excuses, just having a bad day overall. But, fate caught up with me because I dropped it as soon as I got home! Boo. Luckily, I was trying to be nice and bought Ben one too! Aaand he wasn’t home when I got there so I drank his. Ha! Lunch. I … [Read more...]

What Do Marathoners Eat?


After my 20 mile run yesterday I felt depleted. I’m not super hungry (like you would expect), not super thirsty either – it’s random. But, I know I need to take in a good amount of calories or I’m going to wake up in the middle of the night crazy hungry! So, what do marathoners eat? Answer: Whatever the f they want. It’s tough, but somebody’s gotta do it Anyways, Ben and … [Read more...]