What Do Marathoners Eat?

After my 20 mile run yesterday I felt depleted. I’m not super hungry (like you would expect), not super thirsty either – it’s random. But, I know I need to take in a good amount of calories or I’m going to wake up in the middle of the night crazy hungry!

So, what do marathoners eat?

Answer: Whatever the f they want.

It’s tough, but somebody’s gotta do it Winking smileIMG_9402 (800x600)

Anyways, Ben and I headed to my mom’s yesterday. I’ve been waiting all week to get over there and get my laptop cord!!! It’s been brutal trying to post and write on our tiny travel laptop (and that’s my excuse for the extra lame posts this week).

When I got there Roxy was enjoying an avocado. IMG_9382 (800x600)

She eats the ones that fall from the tree before we can get them! Lucky dog SmileIMG_9389 (800x600)

After she was done devouring our crop of organic avocados we took them for a walk around the block. I was wearing my compression socks to help me recover, but Ben said I looked like a weirdo. He called me “ol’ crazy legs” all day. ol crazy legs

Then, I helped my  little brother make a poster for his student council election. (Read: I made the poster while he played on the computer after throwing some markers at me.)IMG_9394 (800x600)

We hung out for a while and considered local options for dinner – it’s either greasy Chinese or Mexican food around here! So, of course we went Mexican!

This was the #1 thing I always got in high school – a cheese quesadilla from the place down the street. It’s massive, oozing cheese and I’m pretty sure they lather both sides with butter before cooking. It’s no wonder I weighed 180 pounds in H.S.! This meal shouldn’t be an all-the-time thing like I used to eat it, but every once in a while you just have to indulge un-apologetically!IMG_9397 (800x600)

Super bad for your body / good for your soul.IMG_9398 (800x600)

My mom and dad went to see the fight so we hung around and watched Matt. I made myself a big oreo and mint n’ chip ice cream sundae to eat while watching The Break Up.IMG_9402 (800x600)

By the time we got home it was midnight and I hit the sack, hence the Sunday morning recap Smile

When I woke up this morning I walked to the store for some much needed pumpkin for pancakes. But they were all out?!?! Some lady bought all their stash yesterday.

So, I had to make regular pancakes. It wasn’t the same. IMG_9406 (800x533)

I have an exciting day of cleaning and errands ahead of me – see you in a bit!


  1. Kellie says

    I used to give my dog avocado but I just read that it is really bad for them. Something about heart failure I think. It is probably impossible for you to stop them when there is an avocado tree in the yard, but I thought I would share anyway.

  2. Wendy says

    I heard there is going to be another pumpkin shortage because the crops are looking poor this year – so stock up if you find it!!

  3. says

    Is it sad that I miss marathon training if only for the sole reason that I can’t just mow down on crap without feeling guilty?

    Oh, and did you do some updates to RER recently? Looks nice! I like the posts running down the middle.

  4. Nicole says

    Aaaah!! I’m a Ralph’s shopper and I haven’t been able to find ANY pumpkin yet at my store! Canned sweet potatoes, yes. Pumpkin, no. :( All your posts on pumpkin are making me crave!

  5. Dynamics says

    I have an avocado tree and no matter what I do, NO avocados. Do you have any secrets since yours seems to bear fruit all year long.

    Secondly, my mom is a fast food junkie and just informed me you can get a large (which is huge) Drink at Jack-in-the-box for only ONE DOLLAR!!! They are the only fast food joint that sells DIET Dr. Pepper.

  6. says

    So glad I live in a place that has pumpkin year-round, because I can’t imagine dealing with a pumpkin shortage. Glad yours was just a freak accident. Although to be fair, I go through pumpkin so slowly I actually still have a can that I bought last Fall. To be fair, I didn’t even remember that I had it until yesterday, but still. It made it!

  7. Andrea says

    No pumpkin here in Utah either! Apparently Hurricane Irene wiped out most of the east coast’s pumpkin crop, so they are snatching it all from our end of the country. Jack o’ Lanterns and pumpkin pancakes are going to be a rare commodity this year!

    And the whole world will mourn.

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