Monday Mini-Goals and Mini Meals Giveaway

Happy Monday! I had a cancellation late last night for this morning’s 1st appointment so I don’t have to be at work until later. But, I made sure NOT to stall and went for my 5 mile run as per my schedule SmileIMG_9470 (800x600)

It was okay. I always take the runs after a long run easy so check in with my body Smile

Then, I made breakfast. I wanted sweet (as always!), I wanted salty, I wanted an egg. IMG_9473 (800x600)

So I made an egg sandwich and put jelly on one side of the toast and cheese on the other. So good.IMG_9474 (800x600)

Big mouth needs Big Bites!IMG_9476 (800x600)

I didn’t stall my run, but I did stall stretching to check in with twitter and drink iced coffee. Busted.IMG_9477 (800x600)

We are getting close to the holiday season and it’s super important to stay on the healthy train NOW! Monday Mini-Goals are back and will be here through the end of the year. Want to join me?

Monday Mini-Goals for 9/19/2011:

1. Plan out meals and snacks for the week to prevent snacking disasters. Then, stick to it.

2. Clean out inbox and stay on top of it.

3. Strength train 4 days. Stretch after runs. Get to Zumba and/or KB once this week.


The Sargento Company recently contacted me about their “Mini-Meal” campaign. They are emphasizing healthy snacking with their cheese products. I had the opportunity to ask R.D. Liz Ward a few questions about it and thought I’d share…

Monica: What are the Benefits of Mini-Meals?

Ward: Nutritious mini-meals can help balance daily food intake, incorporate essential nutrients and stabilize energy levels. Mini-meal snacking can also help to reduce binges and cravings.

For a protein-filled bite, try pairing Sargento Reduced Fat Colby Jack Sticks with carrots or celery sticks.

Monica:  How do you make sure not to eat more calories with mini-meals (over 3 meals) since you’re eating more frequently?

Ward: Good question. With mini-meals, it’s important to be intuitive and wait until your body tells you it’s time to eat. If you feel hungry after a meal, drink a glass of ice water first to make sure it’s not a false alarm. If
you’re still hungry 20 minutes later, it’s truly time for a mini-meal.

Also, make them count and choose snacks that fit into your daily calorie allowance. Include calcium,vitamin D, potassium and dietary fiber, nutrients that are lacking in our diets, according to 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

Monica: Does eating more often benefit your metabolism? If so, how?

Eating larger meals, which typically consist of unhealthy convenience foods can sap your energy levels. Incorporating nutritious mini-meals multiple times a day helps to rev up your metabolism,and may even help with weight control, as long as you keep calories within your “calorie budget” to
maintain your weight or lose weight.

Monica: What should the ratio of protein-carbs-fats be in mini-meals or snacks?

Ward: Carbohydrates and protein are equally important, but there is no set ratio. Always include protein- rich foods, such as milk, yogurt, nuts, nut butter, hummus, cottage cheese and eggs.

Monica:  Should people eat at specific time intervals (every 3 hours)? Why?

Ward: It’s important to eat on a regular basis, but it’s even more important to eat only when you are hungry. I eat about every three to four hours, but people need to find what works for them. Eating on a regular basis prevents hunger, but so does including fiber and protein in each mini-meal.

The company rep sent me a few coupons for free cheese and I have been eating this shredded Mexican on EVERYTHING! sargento cheese

If you want to win free Sargento Coupons – Leave a Comment with One Mini-Goal you have this week. I will pick a winner tonight at 10 PST and announce tomorrow morning.


  1. says

    Yay for free coupon! My mini-goal is to plan more accordingly over the weekends and not graze on things constantly. Weekends are a time to be a little more lenient, but I always end up feeling like crap & way too lethargic on Monday mornings.

  2. says

    One of my goals this week is to pack my lunch/snacks ahead of time (which I did because I baked snack bars this weekend) and get to 2 group fitness class at my gym. I have been wanting to try new classes and I really need to get on that.

  3. alicia says

    “Eating larger meals, which typically consist of unhealthy convenience foods can sap your energy levels.” <– why does she say this? my meals never include unhealthy convenience foods……lol. just seems like a weird assumption to make.
    i think snacks are fine if that works for you, but what works for me is 3 solid meals a day, that are filling and nutritious enough to last me 5 hours. that way i don't even have to think about food between meals. i've lost more weight this way than by trying to include snacks, which always just resulted in me eating a bit more than i needed for weight loss. just my 2 cents!

  4. says

    My Monday mini-goal is to spend more time appreciating my husband this week. I feel like I’ve been neglecting him lately. He LOVES Sargento Cheese so if I won, I would buy him lots of cheese sticks to show him how much I love him. 😉

  5. Autumn says

    Two mini goals for the week: 1). QUIT SNACKING. 2). Listen to my doctor, which means no running and giving my bursitis a chance to heal……

  6. Jennifer says

    My mini goal is to not cut any of my dog’s walks short this week just because I’m tired. He deserves longer weekday walks!

  7. says

    As I sit serving my day at jury duty (bored as can be), I came across your post. I am so in need of mini-goals and mini-meals! For the past 5 days I’ve been all over the place with my diet and exercise. Have you had sets of days such as these? Like when you don’t feel like running, doing anything, and just want a bowl of ice-cream!?!? Well that’s what I’ve been dealing with and have had a hard time getting my mind right to get back on track.
    PS. I did see your ice-cream post…but you ran 20 miles…you earned it!

  8. says

    I love Sargento products; gotta love that they use potato starch instead of flour to prevent caking in their shredded cheese so even people who can’t have gluten can eat them!

    My mini-goal is to make a meal plan this week that actually takes into account what I already have on hand, so I can spend $$ grocery shopping.

  9. Jordan K says

    Only healthy snacks for me this week! That goes for dessert too! I’ve been enjoying way too much ice cream lately! :-/

  10. says

    We always love that cheese. It’s great on everything.

    My mini goal this week is to get my body back on its good eating habits after a vacation filled with rich food and too many happy hours. I had fun, but I need plenty of energy to get through Saturday’s 20 mile long run!

  11. says

    My mini goal is to catch up with my blog and keep my stress levels in check since my next two weeks are crazy and the past week was stressful as I trained for my 10k I did yesterday. I honestly don’t know how you do marathon training, I could never run that much. I admire your dedication for sure!

  12. Mary says

    My mini-goal for this week is to be sure to stretch after EVERY run this week instead of cutting it too close timewise and having to just jump right into the shower.

  13. Katie says

    I’m beginning to realize that when I get home each day, most of my time & energy is spent trying to determine what meal I can fix with what we have. My mini goal this week is to plan 5 dinners & lunches. If I do that, I can fit things like exercise, thesis writing, and TV (season premier week!) in much more easily.

  14. says

    My Monday mini goal – take rest days when I need them! I tend to get into the habit of working out every day and not wanting to take a day off to rest myself. I never regret it when I do though!

  15. Shanna says

    I like your Monday mini-goal idea. I usually put my on the refrigerator so they’re always visible. One of mine for this week is to get to bed every night by 11PM at the latest.

  16. Lauren says

    Hi Monica!
    First time comment-or (?) long time lurker :)

    My mini goal for this week is to NOT buy any food “on the go”. I bought a cartful of healthy groceries yesterday to last me at least the next seven days. I’m saying NO to the drive-thru!

  17. Margaret says

    Due to having been on a chocolate binge all last week, my mini-goal for this week is to only have 2 reasonably sized chocolate items this week. A 4×4″ square brownie is not a reasonable size. :)

  18. Brittney Levine says

    Monica this is my first time commenting on your blog but I have been reading for the past few months. I LOVE your blog, it’s very easy to relate to because you are a real girl and make mistakes and crave sweets just like all of us. So thank you!
    My mini goal for the week is to keep track of all my eating, even those spoonfuls of PB&J :)

  19. laura says

    My mini goal is to exercise at least three times a week and to eat healthier foods….usually I snack on a bunch of crap, no bueno.

  20. says

    One goal this week is to make my lunch at least 4 times and bring my breakfast to work every day. I went to Costco last night and stocked up on chobani so I’m thinking I have this in the bag :)

  21. Maren says

    I used to be SO good about eating mini meals, but starting a new job has kind of thrown my whole schedule off. Maybe I should try some cheese! 😉

  22. Blair says

    My mini-goal is to work out every day Monday-Thursday. I’m going on vacation starting Friday so I want to get in some quality sweat sessions before!

  23. Makenna says

    My mini goal is to pack all my lunches the night before so that I can set aside extra time to enjoy breakfast in the morning! :)

  24. Megan S. says

    my mini-goal of the week is to only have dessert “something decadent or over 150 cals” 2x this week instead of…almost every night! I have a horrible sweet tooth and need to learn how to tame it

  25. says

    Mini goals are the best. They are easier to accomplish. My mini goal for the week is to cook a healthy homemade dinner every night M-F. I also set mini goals every week for my run schedule.

  26. says

    Good timing! lo, this morning when I was getting ready to go out I actually thought of a new goal! hehe..So…My goal is to not go out and spend money on ridiculously priced drinks or food! When one drink costs $4 when I’m out, but then some other food or drink costs a fraction and yet I don’t like paying $4 for a whole loaf of bread that’ll last a while..yeah, No more expensive drinks or foods! At least not all the time, maybe…once a month? You figure if I get one a week I’ll save $15 a month (yay)

  27. Beth says

    My mini goal: pack healthy food to munch on during my 4 day road trip and convince the people I’m traveling with to eat my snacks instead of fast food!

  28. says

    Hmmm Cleaning out your inbox is a FABULOUS mini-goal. Maybe I should take your lead and clean out mine too… I have over 25000 emails in my regular Gmail account 18320 of which are unread. Yup this is the truth.

    Other than that small task I aim to go to bed earlier 3 nights this week so I can get more 5 or 6 hours of sleep! Lack of sleep has been killing my mood and motivation.

  29. TiffanyS says

    My mini goal is to cut back on my caffeine consumption. My daily habit of a mocha and 1-2 diet cokes is a crutch I don’t need. My boys eat cheese sticks all the time. If I don’t have them in the fridge, we are in trouble! Perfect snack to carry in the cooler bags in the car to wherever we are headed, and I love adding cheese to my eggs! I love the mini goal check ins. Keep up the good work!

  30. Holley says

    Hi, Monica! Being that I also live in So Cal (the heat is up again this week), my mini-goal is to get in the pool 5-6 days a week for my aquafit classes =]

  31. Lindsay says

    My mini goal: Attend an excercise class at my gym this week. I’ve been chicken to go, so I need to gear myself up and do it!

  32. Kelly says

    I have been so busy for the last few weeks, my mini goal this week is to run twice for 4-5 miles each and a shorter/faster run once. Thanks for making me think about goals for the week.

  33. Phebe says

    My goal is to cut down on my snacking this week – I’m going wedding dress shopping in a few weeks!

    I love cheese – thanks for the giveaway, Monica!

  34. Amanda says

    Mini goal: take Amazing Grass every day this week. :)

    Also, I’ve done tons and tons and tons of research regarding whether or not meal frequency “revs metabolism.” It doesn’t. Not according to a bunch of legit medical studies on PubMed, it doesn’t. Having done both timing schemes (infrequent and frequent), I can say it does help with energy levels and outlook (it’s never too long ’til food time! :) ), but I’d love to look at some research that shows meal frequency affects metabolism. Thanks!

    PS: Again, you’re really fantastic and write by far the most uplifting blog I read. :) And I read a lot. *shame face*

  35. Debbie says

    I made three goals for this week. The first was to track everything I eat and with that weigh and measure my food for the meals I eat at home. I tend to eyeball and always overestimate servings. Lastly, my goal is to get three workouts in this week. I haven’t been working out consistently for the last two months and I need to get back in the habit.

  36. says

    My one mini for the week is to get more rest! I feel like all I do is go, go, go, and I’d love to just have at least one night in the week that I get an adequate amount of sleep!

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