No Practice Race

I was scheduled to do a small half marathon this weekend. It’s about 3 hours north of us, but the only half marathon in soCal I could find this month Sad smile  I signed up and figured we’d make a weekend out of it. But, Ben has to attend a funeral and I would have to drive 3 hours out and 3 hours back alone. That doesn’t really make sense, plus Ben needs to use my car since a part got stolen from his yesterday (we obviously live in the tragic part of the OC).

So, I can’t go. I’m stressed because I wanted a practice race before my full marathon. I’m a bad racist Winking smile and get super nervous for races! I need a plan B! Maybe a 10k next weekend?

Anyways I had to be at work from 5pm-8pm tonight. IMG_9611 (600x800)Right at dinner time! So, I brought leftovers. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to eat them because I had to run an errand on my short break. This meant I was hungry while walking past See’s Candy at the mall.IMG_9605 (600x800)

I went to peek in and see if they had the seasonal Pumpkin Spice Lollypops. They do!IMG_9607 (600x800)

If you guys are familiar with See’s Candy you know they always give you a free sample when you stop in. It’s magical.IMG_9618 (800x600)

Well, one thing led to another and I ended up buying 4 pieces of candy to share with Ben.IMG_9622 (800x600)

This one is my favorite – dark chocolate covered nougat with almonds.IMG_9620 (800x600)

Speaking of races, did you hear about how the IAAF is changing the rules of World Records for women’s races and not allowing male pace setters? Paula Radcliffe weighs in here.

Active Swaggle is offering a deal on the Gladiator run in Los Angeles! I am not into mud runs, but have at it hereimage


  1. says

    A shop that is constantly giving out free samples?
    Sounds like my kinda thing.
    You know what I love about you, the fact that you ALWAYS treat your self to sweet, and yummy food!! I just don’t think theres enough people doing that, ya know?
    Keep being awesome ♥

  2. says

    i didn’t read what paula wrote, but i am anti-pacer for males OR females…you should have to run your own race and not rely on anyone or anything to make you go faster!!
    sorry about your race…hope you do find a 10k for next weekend!!

  3. says

    I know it’s not the same as doing an actual race but could you still run the distance this weekend as planned and pretend you are in a race? Probably easier said than done :) I am running a 10K fun run this Sunday in prep for my first half on October 9 (eek!) and plan to finish in under an hour.

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    That sucks about not being able to do the half! I’m also surprised there aren’t more to choose from. Fall seems like the perfect time to have more races with the weather all perfect.

    I love See’s candy. My favorite are the Scotchmallows. Holy yumballs!

  5. says

    #1 reason why I would think twice about leaving SoCal: See’s Candy.

    Two of my cousins moved to Alabama over a decade ago, and we still send them packages of See’s every year since apparently AL candy can’t compare 😉

    Sorry about your race!

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