Freddy Kreuger and Fro-Yo


How was your Friday?! Mine was super great because I got word that my little brother, Matt, won his student council election! I wrote the catch phrase for his speech, so I’m taking partial credit I really think I should be a speech writer. Especially if speeches only required 140 characters. Congrat’s Matt! I didn’t win any election, but I did spend some time sipping iced … [Read more...]

Fro-Yo Friday


I am hungry this week. It might be early marathon carb loading, it might be my period, it might be depression from taper time, it might be that I like food to much. Either way, I’m hungry. Mid-morning I had honey dew and cereal (not together). That held me off until around 11am so I chugged some water and kept busy. Finally! Time for lunch. On the side I had some pizza … [Read more...]



Hello and Happy Friday! First things first, the winner of the Champion Shaping Active Gear is… Send me your information (sizes and address). Since I can’t do the race tomorrow after all I considered doing my long run this morning. But, I wasn’t mentally or physically prepared so I didn’t. The funeral we are going to is 2 hours away and starts at 11am – I’m going to be up at … [Read more...]