Freddy Kreuger and Fro-Yo

How was your Friday?! Mine was super great because I got word that my little brother, Matt, won his student council election! I wrote the catch phrase for his speech, so I’m taking partial credit wlEmoticon smile16 Freddy Kreuger and Fro Yo I really think I should be a speech writer. Especially if speeches only required 140 characters.

Congrat’s Matt!IMG 5489 thumb Freddy Kreuger and Fro Yo

I didn’t win any election, but I did spend some time sipping iced coffee while shopping at Target, which pretty much rocks.IMG 9625 600x800 thumb Freddy Kreuger and Fro Yo

I went there for one thing and ended up with a huge bag of loot! Oops.IMG 9628 800x600 thumb Freddy Kreuger and Fro Yo

In my defense, I found a gold mine on the clearance racks and scored 2 running shirts, a sports bra and a casual shirt.IMG 9661 800x533 thumb Freddy Kreuger and Fro Yo

I ended up changing into the shirt to see if it fit and just left it on. When Ben came home he said I looked like Freddy Kreuger.IMG 9680 800x600 thumb Freddy Kreuger and Fro Yo

I had to look it up because I’ve never seen those movies (too scary!). Yep, just call me Monica Kreuger…freddy krueger thumb Freddy Kreuger and Fro Yo(source)

My hunger cannot be stopped today! I picked up some grapes at Target hoping I wouldn’t do too much snacking damage and I think it slowed me down.

Then, I made pizzas for dinner… I made mine on ww tortillas with extra sauce and cheese.IMG 9665 800x533 thumb Freddy Kreuger and Fro Yo

And made a massive broccoli slaw salad on the side to try and fill up my belly. I made it with a whole bag of slaw, sesame dressing and chickpeas. Then, I pretty much dominated the entire serving bowl.IMG 9670 800x533 thumb Freddy Kreuger and Fro Yo

Then, Ben and I walked to Yogurtland for dessert.IMG 9672 800x600 thumb Freddy Kreuger and Fro Yo

He tried the PB&J flavor and the Oatmeal Cookie kind for the first time. His exact words, “How do they do it?!”.IMG 9674 600x800 thumb Freddy Kreuger and Fro Yo

FINALLY! Craving satisfied. My exact words, “Ahhhh, I needed that.”IMG 9675 800x600 thumb Freddy Kreuger and Fro Yo

Tomorrow might be crazy. I’m getting up early for my run and heading to the funeral 2 hours away. At night we have a big family party to hit up. Should be fun!

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  1. says

    those sports bras are my favorites. i wish my store would have them on clearance!
    mmm i’ve never seen pb&j or oatmeal cookie froyo… those sound amazing! i always get angel food cake, dulce de leche, or double stuffed cookie :)

  2. says

    Had a huge bowl of fro-yo last night as invention ever! I can’t wait to get back home and try those flavors from Yogurtland. We have Tutti Fruiti out in Augusta,GA.. which is good but Yogurtland is much better!

  3. Kellie says

    I have a random question. I can’t get my garmin to charge and I know you have the same one. Did this ever happen to you and do you have any “secrets” to get it to charge. I don’t even know where to take it in the OC to get it fixed.

    • says

      You might need to wipe down the back charger part with a swab of alcohol or a damp cloth because of sweat/salt build up. This happened to me. Mine is on it’s way out and I have to literally hold it together sometimes!

      • Aleks says

        yup, i remembered that. you posted about not going to reunions while i was there this year. i’m wondering what happened to my sweatshirt… i think it got lost when i was moving transcontinentally :(.

        (hey, you’re smart too… it’s not about the pieces of paper you can hang on your wall!)

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