Pumpkin Apple Crisp Recipe


How’s your Sunday? I stopped in to work to check my schedule for tomorrow and ended up doing a quick triceps workout because that flab is relentless. I headed to Trader Joes from there, but stopped in at Marshall’s “just because”. I almost screamed when I spotted my old go-to long run running shoes!!! I used to swear by my Asics 2150 until I came upon free shoes a few months … [Read more...]

Surprise, No Surprise


Surprise!!!! The family party I went to yesterday was a surprise party for my aunt’s 60th birthday. Oddly, Ben looks more surprised than her! It’s No Surprise a Mexican party will have amazing Mexican food. I piled my plate high with everything. Rice, macaroni salad, beans, meat, pasta salad and rolls. I went back for seconds of everything :) It was homemade by my cousin - … [Read more...]