Hot Salad and Going to Panama


My day was pretty chill, I just had one afternoon client and some mild admin work. Mid-afternoon I got hungry out of nowhere and ate a banana with sunflower seed butter while trying to decide what snack I also wanted. <- Tell me you do that too. A smoothie! Why didn’t I realize that 3 minutes ago before I ate the PB naner and toast?! Oh well… Then, I headed off to train … [Read more...]

Johnny Appleseed Day with Ice Cream


Did you know today is Johnny Appleseed Day?! In honor of this prestigious holiday I chomped on an apple. No pic because I was busy eating. I’m going to double the apple love and eat some of my Pumpkin Apple Crisp… with ice cream for dessert tonight! Had some last night and forgot to mention it! Busted. I am about to leave for work and hope it’s not obvious I smudged my eye … [Read more...]

Marathon Training–Taper Time


I have the Marathon Taper Crazies! My marathon is 12 days away, this means by now I’m deep into the taper part of training. This weekend I ran 12 miles and Saturday I’ll run 8 for my last long run of the plan. I’m also running less mid-week. By body is as ready as it’s going to be. There is no point in trying to squeeze in an extra run (or a longer run) now. What’s done is … [Read more...]