Hot Salad and Going to Panama

My day was pretty chill, I just had one afternoon client and some mild admin work. Mid-afternoon I got hungry out of nowhere and ate a banana with sunflower seed butter while trying to decide what snack I also wanted. <- Tell me you do that too.IMG_9878 (800x533)

A smoothie! Why didn’t I realize that 3 minutes ago before I ate the PB naner and toast?! Oh well…IMG_9881 (800x533)

Then, I headed off to train and came right back home. Ben worked late all last week and he randomly got home early tonight so we actually had dinner together. Crazy, right?!

I made a Hot Salad for myself. The bottom is a bed of green beans (instead of lettuce). Then, I topped it with a turkey burger and french fries.There may be a tiny smidge of ketchup on there too Winking smileIMG_9886 (800x533)

We ate outside because the weather is perfection. Our patio is teeny tiny, but again the weather is Heaven so it’s a give and take. IMG_9892 (800x533)

Dessert will be ice cream. I’m pretty excited about it.

I don’t know if I had announced it, but Ben and I are going to Panama next month!!! We are currently planning where to stay and what to see. If you have any tips, please share them in the comments!!!


  1. Ida says

    One of my best friends went to Panama over Christmas, I’ll have to ask her from some recs.
    I feel like food tastes better when eaten outside.

  2. elizabeths89 says

    I lived in Panama for a short while in high school and here are my suggestions:
    Make sure to say Panama with a hard “a” on the end (Spanish-speaking style) instead of Panamuh.
    The canal is pretty cool. You can make a day of going there and then eating beachside afterward.
    The country is skinny enough that you can make it to both beaches in the same day but the one on the west is the swimming one.
    Eat an hojaldre if you can find one.
    Get a picture with a Kuna indian if you can. They have tattoos on their faces and they’re everywhere. You have to give them money.
    I’m running out of time to give you any more ideas, but you can email me if you want. I love Panama with all my heart and I know you will too! The people are so wonderful.

  3. Regan says

    Oh Monica Panama is an amazing place….especially the Canal Zone! I was born and raised there and so was my father, I moved back in 2000 so things have changed quite a bit. It’s definitely geared more towards tourists now so it will be a little more westernized.
    I know Boquete is a popular place to go, but I will have to call some of my friends who still live down there and get there recommendations.
    Do you know where you’ll be staying?
    You do have to go to both oceans–Pacific and Atlantic.
    Eat a rose-apple–then smuggle them in your suitcase and call me lol
    One of my very good friends is a chef down there so I will call him and see what he recommends for you–he is quite the foodie as well.
    Feel free to email me with any questions, and I will let you know about some good places to go so you get a good experience while in Panama.
    SO excited and jealous! ha ha—I always laugh because I am a red-head, freckled, pale little thing born and raised from Panama so I definitely get the looks—just how you do when you say your Mexican. lol

  4. says

    Santa Catalina is AMAZING!! Kind of a trek from Panama City, but so easy to get to Coiba and has the coolest little hostels (Blue Zone) and food places. Jealous, have so much fun!!

  5. says

    MONICA! Can’t believe you are going to Panama! I was there in March visiting my best friend who Lives and works in Panama City. Her neighborhood Casco Viejo is a must-see with amazing old architecture, plazas with outdoor food and tons of shops and outside vendors. Some friends of mine own a hostel there as well.
    The highlight of my trip was an overnight trip to El Valle where we climbed a HUGE mountain and went to the beach and got massages.
    Let me know if you want more recs or have any other Qs. They take $$ and have subway and DQ for emergencies which just rocks, in my opinion.

  6. says

    Sometimes you have to satisfy the hunger immediately with a pre-snack snack before you can have a regular snack. Happens all the time!

    I’d love to go to Panama, but have never been anywhere further south than San Diego. Can’t wait to hear about your trip!

  7. says

    Oh how fun! I have never been there or anywhere near there, so I’m pretty much no help at all. But I hope you have a great time! And are able to get your makeup brush back!

  8. Regan says

    Monica, the water in Panama is fine!

    As for things to do
    –The beach
    –The gatun lake
    –tour the panama canal
    –Bocas del Toro is amazing!
    –You and Ben could go zip lining in the rainforest (el Valle)
    and swim in a waterfall + walk around the nature trails, hit up the local market etc…thats in el valle

    –The city has nice shopping and resteraunts + some nice old buildings in casco viejo (the old fort). They have build this area up and it is now a trendy area, this is where Panama has the jazz fest etc.

    Hope this helps you out a little more told ya I’d get you some more info. Lots of these places I went to growing up down there, but I also got some input from friends down there. You will love it! Beautiful country and it’s my home <3

    P.S. I was told there is a new hotel in Amador which is very nice and its right by the Yacht Club, which is a local hangout for a good time and good drinks!

    Can't wait to see your pictures!


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