Johnny Appleseed Day with Ice Cream

Did you know today is Johnny Appleseed Day?! In honor of this prestigious holiday I chomped on an apple. No pic because I was busy eating. I’m going to double the apple love and eat some of my Pumpkin Apple CrispIMG 9802 800x533 thumb Johnny Appleseed Day with Ice Cream

with ice cream for dessert tonight! Had some last night and forgot to mention it! Busted. IMG 9822 800x533 thumb Johnny Appleseed Day with Ice Cream

I am about to leave for work and hope it’s not obvious I smudged my eye shadow on. I didn’t realize until I started putting make-up on that Ben used one of my brushes as a tool for his weekend house project?!IMG 9866 600x800 thumb Johnny Appleseed Day with Ice Cream

Yes, that would be one of my eye shadow brushes sticking out of the ceiling. Apparently, I don’t wear make-up nearly enough and it wouldn’t occur to him that I ever use any of that crap I leave on the bathroom sink…IMG 9870 600x800 thumb Johnny Appleseed Day with Ice Cream

I didn’t post these PopCorners in my Costco Must Haves list because I barely discovered them Friday.IMG 9844 533x800 thumb Johnny Appleseed Day with Ice Cream

They are so good! I sampled all 4 flavors and the Kettle Corn is the best, but I knew Ben would only help me make a dent in the saltier options so I went with Sea Salt flavor.IMG 9850 800x533 thumb Johnny Appleseed Day with Ice Cream

First Cheetos croutons, now PopCorner Croutons! I love salad toppings!IMG 9853 800x533 thumb Johnny Appleseed Day with Ice Cream

I better find some other crouton options soon, or I’ll be forced to use candy bars… salad toppings thumb Johnny Appleseed Day with Ice Cream(

Well, if I’m not putting candy on my salad I’ll at least have one for dessert wlEmoticon smile19 Johnny Appleseed Day with Ice CreamIMG 9857 800x533 thumb Johnny Appleseed Day with Ice Cream

I ate lunch while watching House Hunters. Watching that show while poor is like watching Food Network while on a diet. I want all of it!IMG 9862 533x800 thumb Johnny Appleseed Day with Ice Cream

Question: What’s your favorite option at a restaurant salad bar?

I love hard boiled eggs and chickpeas. Predictable. If I’m at Whole Foods I love EVERYTHING.


  1. Kristie says

    Is that a veggie patty on your salad? I found these little twice baked focaicca pieces that work pretty good. Can’t wait to find out whats for dinner!!

  2. says

    There aren’t a great deal of restaurants around here with salad bars, however, my go to salad as of late has been: salad (obviously), green onion, tomato, a little bit of queso dip, a little bit of sour cream, some turkey, and Fritos. To. Die. For.

  3. says

    I like it when they have pasta or quinoa salad to put on top of your salad. So you have salad while you have salad. Kind of like facebook with a mini facebook in the upper right corner so you can facebook while you facebook, dawg.

  4. Megan says

    I rarely comment, but this is such a fun question that I had to! I love alfalfa sprouts and tabouli because I will never buy those things myself! And cheese. Must have cheese to be a good salad, in my opinion. Love the blog Monica, and I’d love to see your Weight Loss updates – so, so great to hear it from someone so real!

      • Aleks says

        what? how is that even possible? i’d say get yourself to the nearest whole foods pronto! fresh mozzarella + tomatoes + basil + balsamic vinegar/vinaigrette = to die far!

        my favorite salad bar options: craisins, candied walnuts, strawberries, grapes… what can i say, i have a sweet tooth! i like to mix all this with roasted chicken and a ton of veggies to get a nice combo of flavors.

  5. says

    Did you know some of the best pro makeup artists (ahem, Kevyn Aucoin for instance) don’t always use makeup brushes, they often prefer their fingers? I thought that was pretty cool considering I rarely use them myself…so really you are just going pro ;)

    My fave salad bar toppings are usually radishes, chickpeas, and though I am ashamed to admit this…bacon bits (ahhhh!)


  6. says

    Hhaaha your cartoons always make me laugh! I LOVE beans on my salad. Chickpeas are #1 and I like black beans too if I’m in a Mexican mood. If I’m at whole foods, forget it. I spend like $15 on one salad.

  7. Nicole says

    Have you ever heard or/tried “Snickers Salad”??

    It’s insane.

    How they can put those two words together in a sentence and not get called out by the FDA is beyond me. I had this soo many times visiting relatives in Minnesota. When I was a little girl (ahem…teenager….okay okay, we know the truth!), I would pick out the snickers and leave the apples behind. Oops. Hey – it’s “salad”!

    Here’s the recipe:

  8. TiffanyS says

    At a salad bar I love dried cranberries, kidney beans, and frozen peas on my salad. At home I’ll often do the cranberries, but I don’t know why I can’t manage the other two? Also, go crazy with fresh fruit and then my box weighs a ton and costs me a mint. BUT, it is worth it for salad, right? That is what I tell myself anyways.

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