Marathon Training–Taper Time

I have the Marathon Taper Crazies!

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My marathon is 12 days away, this means by now I’m deep into the taper part of training. This weekend I ran 12 miles and Saturday I’ll run 8 for my last long run of the plan. I’m also running less mid-week.

By body is as ready as it’s going to be. There is no point in trying to squeeze in an extra run (or a longer run) now. What’s done is done and I have to trust my training. im tapering(source)

Now it’s a head game. I need to have faith in my training and be confident. The next 12 days are about 3 things:

1. Less Running. No more long or tempo runs (not that I did the latter). Now is not the time to take up a new sport either. I’m focusing on easy runs, a few strength session for upper body and maybe a fun gym class or two.

2. More Eating. Okay not really, but a few days before I will start emphasizing carbs!

3. Getting my head in the game. I need to figure out my race strategy, my running mantra and how I’m going to deal with things when they get tough (and they will!). It’s best to acknowledge all of that rather than avoid it.

This is the hardest part for me (obviously the more eating is the easiest part!).  IMG_4479 (600x800)

The Running Nut website has a great article on Marathon Taper if you’re in the same boat.

This morning I did 4 miles and felt great! I think Marathon Taper makes me bi-polar because one minute I am thinking about dropping out of the race, the next I feel speedy and bust out a great 4 miler!!!

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I chomped on grapes while making breakfast.IMG_9834 (800x533)

I cannot get enough beans lately! I made a breakfast burrito with eggs, beans, and guacamole. Ole!

IMG_9836 (800x533)

I’m on my third venti cup of iced coffee! I don’t know what my deal is, but I don’t really care that much either…IMG_9841 (800x533)

And a Vitatop for breakfast dessert. Fact: When you’re depressed over marathon taper time you should fill the void with carbs.

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Monday Mini-Goals for 9/26/2011:

1. Stretch after workouts.

2. Get 8 hours of sleep a night = in bed by 10pm.

3. Brush teeth/close kitchen after evening snack.

Question: Got mini-goals for the week?

Got carb-loading plans?


  1. says

    I just did a post about the taper crazies, so I’m in the same boat. I plan to eat more carbs but trying not to go overboard. I don’t want to have to carry any extra poundage 26.2 miles.

  2. says

    I get the worst taper crazies and I always “sneak” extra miles, which is so stupid. Who am I hiding from, the Taper Police?

    I bet this will be your sub 4 marathon!!

  3. says

    “Race strategy”

    Ahhhhhhh! Spent all night after my last LR arguing with myself about this. Damnit! Successful training has ruined my “just don’t die” strategy from marathons before.

    Hmm? Crazy what?

    • says

      Okay, so what’s your strategy then?! Lemme steal it.

      And no shit, my first marathon I took my cell phone with me thinking there was a 75% chance I would have to call 911 for myself.

      • Mendy says

        Haha! I’ve done one marathon and I had my cell phone for that reason too. “Just Don’t Die” is a proud and noble goal for any LR. Thanks, ladies!

  4. says

    I’ve been concentrating totally on the running part of training leading up the my marathon, but I haven’t given any thought to the tapering process and what I need to do diet wise to get ready. 6 weeks until taper will go really fast!

    Love your breakfast dessert. Sometimes you just need that!

  5. says

    I just hit taper mode yesterday! Ran my last 20-miler Saturday and know it’s TAPER TIME. I’m pretty excited that I don’t have to do any crazy runs until marathon day (mine’s Oct. 15). Thanks for directing me to that article. I can’t wait to read the recap of your race!

  6. adria biasi says

    I am tapering too… hardest part is mentally knowing you need to stop running so much in order to run that much in 2 weekends??!! really can make a person crazy.. anyways, i was wondering if you have any good tips/ideas/thoughts on ways to raise money to help pay for racing costs… I just got my acceptance letter to boston and im gonna be flying from Washington state and I would really like to run for a charity or something like that?? Anyone have any advice??

  7. Ida says

    Taper time is intense! I think it’s all the built up energy that usually goes into runs- but it’s a sign that your taper is working and you’ll be prime for race day.

  8. says

    I’ve heard tapering is so hard! I can see why..but really, my marathon schedule doesn’t seem to have *too* much of a tapering for some reason. Maybe it does and it just doesn’t seem like it right now, though. I’m sure I’ll be going crazy by the time it comes!

  9. says

    Long Beach Marathon 80)
    I signed up for it yesterday XP
    I had this thing about completing a marathon before I turn twenty..and I realized I turn twenty in a little less than 2 months! Aha..and I figured I am capable of running a marathon with the amount of milage I put in. It’ll probably hurt..but I can do it; more than anything it’ll be psychological. I’m gonna have to start preparing myself like..right now for it psychologically.
    Maybe I’ll see you there!

  10. says

    I can totally relate to this post – I am a mere 6 days from my marathon (Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon – Sunday Oct. 2)!!!! Thanks for reminding me about carb-loading, I don’t have a specific plan yet but that’s super important 😀

  11. says

    Thanks for linking to that article. I actually hadn’t thought too much about nutrition during the first two weeks of the taper until I read that article. Right now I’m just worried because aches and pains I’ve never had before are showing up. I’ll be running less than my plan calls for, but I’d rather finish in one piece and without injury.

    I’m glad the taper comes as my schedule gets a little busier. The extra free time helps!

  12. lauren says

    I’m tapering and ran 4 miles today too! I’m doing Chicago. I’m not going to crazy yet, but we’ll see what next week brings. It’s going to be so weird only running 8 this weekend.

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