Girl Falls In Race–Inspirational Video


How’s it going?! I picked up this pumpkin yogurt at Target today and pumped it up for a snack with cereal and an extra scoop of pumpkin. It’s good (for regular yogurt). After work I hit up Road Runner Sports for my much needed shoes. But, after all my back and forth with finally buying them – they didn’t have my size. Luckily, the store was able to order the old version for a … [Read more...]

Running Races with Pacers


Hello! How’s your Wednesday going?! I only have one afternoon client so my day has been quiet after this morning’s work and 2 breakfasts   I am totally a morning person though and love the morning shift. I actually feel better all day when I’m up and at ‘em early! I missed my lunch salad bucket yesterday when I forgot to pick up Rebecca romaine. So, I made a special … [Read more...]

10 am Hunger


Happy Wednesday! I had a 7am client this morning so I made a super quick breakfast. I ate this egg sandwich (with jelly and ketchup) at 6:30am. In between my 7am and 9am clients I planned on doing a quick wardrobe change and run. It was supposed to be 4 miles, but you can see by the “8:55” on my watch that I didn’t have enough time for more! Side note: I only wear a ‘regular’ … [Read more...]