Confession Thursday…


1. The apple crisp from last night is half gone. Technically, the crust and baked topping is 3/4ths gone. There’s plenty of apple left if you want it… 2. I like frozen meals. I’m sure that’s against some kinda food blogger rule. I would check the blogger book, but I don’t care. Maybe I’ll get myself out of the blogger dog house by plating it all civilized like. 3. I don’t … [Read more...]

Wish-bone Salad Dressing Giveaway


Today is national (iced) coffee day! Since Dunkin Donuts still hasn’t made it to California, I have to settle for homemade stuff. But, I would like to made this a formal invitation to DD to open a location in Irvine,CA asap. P.S. Florida DD, I’ll see you soon! My gym has a spa and I have major uni-brow so I peeked in to see if they had an opening for a quick wax. (source) … [Read more...]

Rainbow Bright Runner


This morning I changed into my running gear while Ben was in the bathroom. When he came out he said, “WOW! That is a bright shirt!!” And I’m pretty sure he didn’t mean it as a compliment. Funny thing is, I want to wear this shirt for my marathon – it’s my new favorite! I guess you can call me Run-bow Bright!(source) Fun Flashback: When I was about 4 years old my ballet class … [Read more...]