Confession Thursday…

1. The apple crisp from last night is half gone. Technically, the crust and baked topping is 3/4ths gone. There’s plenty of apple left if you want it… IMG_9990 (800x533)

2. I like frozen meals. I’m sure that’s against some kinda food blogger rule. I would check the blogger book, but I don’t care.IMG_0001 (800x533)

Maybe I’ll get myself out of the blogger dog house by plating it all civilized like.IMG_0010 (800x533)

3. I don’t read the possible side effects of my BC. First off, I’m a hypochondriac. Plus, the side effect of not taking it is “have a baby” which is kinda worse than a little headache.IMG_0005 (800x533)

4. My last client ended early so technically I had time to do my own workout tonight. But, it was late so I went home instead.

When I got there Ben greeted me at the door with the most amazing piece of garlic cheese bread. IMG_0003 (2) (800x600)

If you’re keeping score that is:

  • Workouts – 0
  • Buttery Garlic Cheese Bread – 1

5. I’m currently watching Jersey Shore. Love.

6. If I talk to my future kids the way I talk to my cat they’re going to be super messed up. But, we’ve all got issues right?IMG_9597 (800x533)

7. Sometimes I “find” pictures of food on my camera that I don’t blog about, and barely remember eating (but I know I did). When the heck did I polish that off?!IMG_9602 (600x800)

8. I was not going to tell Ben about getting my ‘brows waxed today but they are still super RED! He thought I was wearing red eye shadow. #FaceFail

Got anything to confess?


  1. Allison says

    After dinner I ate half a box of truffles and half a loaf of olive bread. The only reason I didn’t eat the whole thing was the bf got to it first. I was so full I slept like a baby. It was amazing.

  2. says

    Oh gosh, I do the same thing with crust! My mom & I always bake apple pie for Thanksgiving, and within 24 hours of being served, it’s no longer even recognizable just because I always pop into the kitchen to pick off pieces of crust.

  3. says

    Love all of these. And I’m pretty sure you added your own vegetables to that frozen meal therefore: healthy blogger win, frozen dishes are totally allowed. I have an ex-roommate who literally ate lean cuisines for lunch AND dinner at least 4 days a week for our entire second year of medical school. That’s a problem, but your reasonable frozen food acceptance is not.

  4. says

    Frozen meals are just too delicious! Although I tend to stick to Amy’s because even though they are spendier I feel a bit better about at least knowing there isn’t much junk in them.

    And I have totally no self control over baked goods like that. It would be completely gone by now if it were in my house. Which is why I always bake something, eat the portion I want and give the rest away. Then spend the whole night wishing I had more… 😉

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