Wish-bone Salad Dressing Giveaway

Today is national (iced) coffee day! Since Dunkin Donuts still hasn’t made it to California, I have to settle for homemade stuff.we get it, you like coffee

But, I would like to made this a formal invitation to DD to open a location in Irvine,CA asap. P.S. Florida DD, I’ll see you soon! why dont you move to florida already?

My gym has a spa and I have major uni-brow so I peeked in to see if they had an opening for a quick wax. no unibrows(source)

Unfortunately, my skin is super sensitive and every time I get waxed I need to hide my face for hours. It’s probably for the best as I have a lot of gross pimples this week (my head is angled a certain way for a reason).monica is jacked up

In other red news… I told myself my last watermelon would be the final one of the season. Um, I couldn’t stand it any longer and stopped at the store for one serving. If Costco has them next time I go there I’ll probably get another “last one of the season”.IMG_9972 (800x600)

Wish Bone Salad Sampler Kit Giveaway!!!!

If you’ve been reading RER for more than 1 day you might have noticed that I LOVE salads (always have even before the blog, just like running). I also LOVE volume eating – this giveaway is right up my alley.

Wish-Bone Salad Dressing Co. challenged me to get out of my salad rut by trying one of their new salad dressings. They sent me four kinds, a new salad bucket and a gift card to purchase salad ingredients.wishbone salad dressings

I used the Mediterranean Italian on today’s salad and have used the Bruschetta Italian as a steak marinade for Ben in the past. He was raised on this stuff and loves it on protein.

I really appreciate that they understand the need for a BIG salad bowl!!!wish bone salad bowl

I picked up some chopped veggies and tuna to change up my salad today.tuna in wish-bone salad bowl

The bowl comes with a lid, plus an extra compartment for dressing IMG_9986 (800x533)(or chocolate for lunch dessert).IMG_9989 (800x533)Wish-Bone wants to challenge you to get out of your salad rut too! And they are sending a “Salad Sampler Kit” to one RER reader.

To Enter: Leave a comment answering “When was the last time you had a salad (side or entrée)?”

US residents only. Ends Friday 9/30 at 12pm PST. *Disclaimer – I was sent this salad sampler package plus a few for my friends for free. All the opinions on RER are honest and 100% my own.


  1. says

    I had a little salad (tomatoes, romaine) at Rosh Hashana dinner last night… otherwise, I have totally not been good about eating my veggies lately. =(

    Ouch to the reaction. I actually had an itchy forehead when I got my brows waxed for the first (and only) time!

    • denise says

      I had a MONSTER salad for lunch today:) with lots of edamame and chick peas on top. Come to think of it..the salad bowl may be a tight squeeze for my Monstars……but I would love to “make do”.

  2. says

    There is usually a salad on my menu everyday, but my favorite recent salad is from a local restaurant that serves a ‘Mediterranean Tuna Salad ‘ this salad is no joke!!!! Greens topped with feta, artichokes, black olives and a cooked-to-order tuna STEAK! MMMmmmMMMM. <3

  3. says

    I try to eat some salad everyday. Last night’s didn’t go over too well since the lettuce was not long for this world. I picked out a few of the best pieces and turned the salad into a wrap with chicken, artichoke hearts and bell peppers.
    I’m not going to the store today so I’m still out of lettuce. I might try my hand at egg salad for the first time in like 12 years (salad is right there in the name, so it totally still counts).

  4. Rebecca says

    Last time I had a salad was last night for dinner. Lettuce,tomatoes,cucumbers,carrots ,feta cheese and some chicken. YUM YUM YUM

  5. Sarah says

    My last salad was last week :( but plan on trying to eat them more often especially since I love them so much.

    PS – That bowl looks awesome!!

  6. jenny says

    My work has an excellent salad bar that charges per container and not my weight! I had a salad from there yesterday for lunch.

  7. Shreya says

    Monday for dinner. i try to eat a salad for dinner as often as I can, but all the romaine and spinach got soggy in the fridge. (yuck)

    • Shreya says

      Also the wishbone spritzers are great. My favorite dressing so far has been the carrot ginger dressing from whole foods. It’s oil free and delicious :)

  8. Michelle M. says

    My lunch salad today consisted of romaine, croutons, parm. cheese and italian dressing!! Wasn’t feeling any other veggies today!! ha ha!!

  9. Heather says

    I <3 salads! The more crunchy veggies, the better. I had one as a side for lunch today and am already dreaming up a meal-sized taco salad for dinner tonight.

  10. Jessica H says

    I had a southwest salad about 6 hours ago. It was 10:30am, but I just finished taebo and a 3 mile run and was STARVING! I had to share. Salads are my 2 year old son’s favorite, and he was drooling all over mine.

  11. Jessie says

    I actually just had a salad for lunch today! I haven’t been having them as often as I’d like lately but these dressings look awesome! I’m all about the toppings too – I eat all the veggies and chicken I put on top of them and then am too full to eat the lettuce sometimes! whoops ;o)

  12. nicole g says

    Last night-I eat a salad about every other night for dinner. I like the Greek Vinegarette flavor but haven’t tried the others-yum!

  13. Runrr09 says

    Today! I had a great salad with lunch; chicken, spinach, bell peppers, and beans! So good with FF italian dressing. Yum!

  14. says

    My last entree salad was this past weekend. My campus has a pretty good salad bar in one of the dining areas, and I usually throw EVERYTHING in there. And then when that’s not enough, I go over to the side station for the grill & add in stuff from there–sauteed mushrooms, grilled onions, pickles. Yah, I get really random…

  15. Kelly says

    My last salad was for lunch today and a pricey one at that. I hit the Whole Foods (aka Whole Paycheck) Salad bar. Lots of raw veggies, kale salad and bunch of this and that. So good! LOVE your blog. And I’m not just saying that because I want to win :)

  16. Brigid @ Live Breathe Huzzah says

    Oh my gosh, i’ve been wanting one of those to pack lunch in! I last ate a salad with dinner yesterday.

  17. Casey says

    I am currently eating a monster of a salad with spinach, iceberg lettuce, a cut up veggie burger, ripped up corn tortilla, carrots, red onion, cheese & heaps of delicious salsa :)

  18. says

    boohoo for u.S. only giveaways! Sad face here.

    I love Wishbone and always stock up when we cross border shop. My favorite was the fat free blue cheese and I do recall buying 8 bottles of it once! hahaha

    That bowl is so cute!

  19. Jessica says

    That’s one cute salad bowl! I had a salad for lunch today. I’m a big fan of use-whatever-I-have-left-in-the-fridge-that-needs-to-go salads. Today’s was taco themed, yum!

  20. says

    I had a salad for lunch today!!! my nice hubby packed it for me, and when i opened my lunch, it was half the size I wanted it to be :(
    I like me a salad beast! :)

  21. Casey says

    Last night I had a salad with chopped romaine, red onion, fresh jalapeno peppers and corn topped with a black bean burger and salsa! YUM!

  22. Karen says

    I have a hugh-jass salad just about ever day at work…although I do change up the ingredients depending on what protein/veggies we had for dinner the night before!

  23. emily b says

    i NEED this! every time i make a salad, half of it falls out of the bowl when i am tossing it! last time i had a salad was last night!

  24. Danielle says

    You should totally try threading! I started getting it done about 3 years ago and at first it makes your eyes tear (and you kind of sneeze while they’re doing it, but it doesn’t hurt). In addition to not hurting as much as waxing, it’s much easier on your skin and it’s much more precise as far as shaping goes!

  25. Ashley says

    Had a spinach salad for dinner last night and will be having more tonight, I need to stop buying 3 packages when it’s on sale.

  26. Carey says

    I had a giant taco salad the other day for lunch. It had romaine, taco baked chickpeas, guacamole, salsa, and crumbled tortilla chips. It was very satisfying as I have been completely off salads lately. I am ready to break my rut! that bowl looks awesome too!

  27. says

    I had a HUGE salad for lunch last Friday at work. It was so, so good! I love salads too. I’ve only waited so long bc I’ve been eating leftovers for lunch all week!

  28. dani says

    i’m slightly ashamed that the first time i’m commenting on your blog is to enter a giveaway…but not ashamed enough to not do it!

    i eat a salad for dinner most days of the week, last one was last night. love me so big ol’ salads filled with all sorts of random stuff!

    p.s….your blog is wonderful! i feel like we are the same in terms of our eating habits, haha :)

  29. says

    I had salad today because I realized that this week has been lacking vegetables. I’m so glad I did because it ended up being incredible.

    My secret ingredient? I had one of those cheese-less Amy’s organic pizzas for dinner last night and had a couple of slices left. I was going to pack the slices for my lunch when I decided to just cut up the pizza and toss the pieces into my salad.

    The cold pizza tasted better than croutons ever could.

    Best idea ever.

  30. Mendy says

    Last time I had salad: 8 hrs ago. For lunch. At 8:30am. Right after breakfast at 8am. Don’t judge! You do it too sometimes! : )

  31. Jnet says

    Had a nice size salad for lunch 4 hours ago. I was inspired, by all your salads you picture on your blog, to add a crumbled up leftover hamburger patty, from two nights, chickpeas, and a handfull of crushed TJ’s Oriental Rice Crackers. Just dressed it with a little rice vinegar and olive oil. It was yummy!

  32. Holly says

    LOVE SALADS! Just had one for dinner: chicken, strawberries, oranges, candied pecans, feta. At a restaurant, with awesome bread.

  33. Sarah says

    Probably about a week and a half ago. Last year I had one EVERY day for lunch…I think I got burnt out…. Maybe the sampler will help???

  34. says

    I had a spinach salad today, but forgot my dressing at home! So sad… but, I had roasted walnuts and goat cheese so I can’t complain that bad! (The bowl is soooooooooo cute! I have a thing for wishbones and wear a teeny silver one as a good luck charm!)

  35. Elizabeth says

    I had one for lunch today!! I love mine with all the left overs (corn, black beans, turkey, pepers and some seasoned salt!) I was GREAT!! I love salad!!

  36. Becky says

    I have a spinach salad for lunch everyday! It usually has spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, raw green beans, a little cheese, and either a hard-boiled egg or some tuna. Sometimes both! oooh with Salsa for dressing as well!

  37. kathleen says

    it’s been far too long.. more than a couple of weeks, i used to be a salad a day kind of girl….. help me wishbone! :)

  38. says

    I last had a salad (of a delicious quinoa variety) at a Labour Day barbecue. Clearly I should eat more vegetables… However, I plan on getting one at a local restaurant for dinner tomorrow night!

  39. says

    1 hour ago! I ordered a giant salad with grilled chicken. I always ask for 2 different salad dressings on the side. Tonight was a side of balsamic and a side of ranch!

  40. says

    I had a salad today for lunch. It was from McDonald’s, so I stole one of my son’s french fries too :) (Love your blog, first-time commenter.)

  41. Amy says

    I try to have a big gorgeous salad everyday for lunch. Had one today topped with big pieces of baked ham leftover from my birthday dinner!

  42. Melanie says

    I just had a salad as part of my dinner with a bunch produce that was on its way out. Delightful! Now, time for something sweet… :)

  43. steph says

    Did you know the sell dunkin coffee at fresh & easy?? You can make it at home!!

    Also, try threading! I get red from waxing and its better with threading…..

  44. says

    I just had a salad with dinner (as per usual). Nothing extensive, though – fridge is a little bare. Just some romaine, goat cheese (totally the highlight!), croutons and balsamic vinaigrette.

  45. Katie says

    I just had a salad for dinner with broccoli! I have a salad for lunch and dinner every night with different toppings. Everything tastes better on romaine and spinach :)

  46. Tricia says

    I had a ton of salad yesterday with my pizza at Bertucci’s. Love the endless salad there for lunch. I can eat it right out of the giant serving bowl 😉

  47. Valerie says

    Welp, I eat a sink salad ‘errrr day!! Could definitely use that container considering my salad is always soggy by lunch time. #imlazy and wouldn’t want to dirty up another lil tupper ware container.

  48. Sonia says

    Yikes! The last time I had a salad was last week! It’s been a crazy week with school and life (lol) so I haven’t had time for a real meal. Can’t wait to dig in to a delicious salad soon! :)

  49. heatherfeather says

    I love salads myself sooooooo……..lunch time! I use the term “salad” loosely, however. salad= random vegetables in enormous bowl. i’m loving that wishbone bowl :)

  50. Morgan says

    The last time I had a salad was about 2 hours ago…. made a delicious salad full of romaine lettuce, black beans, corn, pico de gallo, cheese, chipotle ranch dressing and of course there were tortilla chips on the side!! Love the blog, love salads and am definitely in love with that salad bowl!!!

  51. lauren says

    for dinner tonight! a reincarnation of an old favorite- black bean burger, spinach, tomatoes, avocado, colby jack (chunks, not shredded- it’s key). no dressing, but i wish I’d had some
    jalapeno ranch for it!

  52. says

    My eyebrows are super sensitive too! I get mine threaded and everytime I go they think I have contacts in because my eyes water so badly. I can’t use lotion or anything afterward either or I’ll break out. Niice!
    I had a salad for lunch today. It was a pretty large bucketful, but that wishbone bowl looks like a bigger bucket. I love salad buckets, but they take me forever to eat.

  53. Andrea says

    I had a salad with dinner tonight. I have them alot but not every day. You got me hooked on the peanut dressing from TJs. :)

  54. Rebecca says

    I usually have 2 salads a day! I love the act of eating a salad. If you are looking for stress relief during work lunch there is nothing like stabbing your fork into a bucket of salad. Sounds weird typing out but whatev…It is the little things in life right? : )

  55. Brooke Cramblitt says

    I ate a salad two days ago when I made it for roommate dinner. My roommates are amazing cooks and make delicious stake and salmon on the nights they prepare dinner. I am not as culinarily talented and I decided to make a salad or dinner! We had steak (it was leftover from the previous night), craisins, apples, feta, cucumbers, and sesame seed dressing….yummy!

  56. Amy J. says

    The last time I had a salad was last night at dinner, which i savored!!! I live in Korea and veggies are MUCH more expensive than they are back in the states! Which sucks for this salad lovin’ volume eater! :)

  57. Michele Williams says

    The last time I had a salad was about a week ago. I would have them everyday for lunch if I wasn’t having such a hard time keeping my romaine fresh. It’s a constant battle.

  58. Vanessa says

    Yikes! Sad to say, but the last time I had a salad was a couple weeks ago. However, if I had an awesome bowl like this, I could see myself eating salad for lunch at work because it looks so easy!

  59. Tina says

    last time I had a salad was tonight when I ate out at Outback…
    I would looooooove one of those salad containers with the compartment for dressing!!! If I don’t win, do you know where I could get one?
    Thanks :)

  60. Amy says

    umm, I pretty much only eat salads-I love my volume! Tonight I had spaghetti squash-which I turned into a salad with baby spinach and a bunch of other veggies!

  61. says

    Does having a green smoothie count as a salad?
    I actually made a salad last weekend every day! I’d make them during the week but I don’t really have a great container or lunch box for them! I’ll have to look for that salad container, pretty handy! :)

  62. Adriana R. says

    I just had one for lunch yesterday. Tons of veggies topped with tuna. Probably having yet another one tomorrow. I never get tired of them!

  63. Jackie says

    I had a “hot” salad with my dinner. The last cold salad I had we for lunch yesterday and it had yummy tahini dressing on it!

  64. says

    The last time I had a salad was too long ago…Tuesday I think. Shame. I need that bowl though because I would definitely be better about taking salads for lunch if I had it.

  65. says

    For the contest: I had a tuna salad for lunch on Monday. It might have been yesterday, I can’t remember.

    I remember Dunkin in LA/Southern Cali when I was a kid, but didn’t know why we had none around anymore so I looked it up. Supposedly, the market was already saturated with Winchell’s and mom and pop shops. I am looking forward to a DD visit or two when I go to NY in a few weeks.

  66. Jen says

    I pretty much have a salad with every meal. So, my last salad was about 3 hours ago and I’m pretty sure it included at least a head of lettuce. I like a lot of food!

  67. says

    A real salad with a fork? Hmm..maybe a week ago? lol. My wraps that I eat for lunch everyday are more like salads on top of a tortilla though! [I fold it over like a giant taco] ^_^ A portable salad in which I pick it up using a tortilla 8D. Spinach Onion, tomato, and either tuna salmon chicken or lean ground beef with baby carrots and the awesome new [to ours] Jalapeno Greek Yogurt Dip Cosco has!

  68. A Landry says

    Yesterday for lunch!!! Spinach, goat cheese, baby tomatoes and walnuts…I do have to admit thats been my go to salad for quite some time so I guess I am in a rut….

  69. Jennifer says

    I have a salad everyday for lunch. I don’t like lunch as a meal and salads give me nutrients without weighing me down!

  70. says

    I have salad almost every day with lunch, though its usually a little side salad – just some greens with whatever veggies we have a little dressing.

  71. says

    First of all, that salad bowl is AWESOME! I had a salad for lunch yesterday (Thursday) and have one packed again for lunch today! Spinach is my favorite salad base (I know you didn’t ask that, but I wanted to share.)

  72. Lisa Marie says

    monday, tuesday and wednesday! I am usually not a huge salad fan but I found one that i love! At the deli, i choose all my toppings, add either goat cheese or blue cheese and have it chopped with NO dressing. The creaminess from the cheese is perfect!!

    I could probably save some money, if i did this myself at home giving that here in NYC salads most more than my unborn child.

  73. says

    You have to try threading! I get red-face post-wax too and I do not get it with threading.
    The last time I had a salad was yesterday for lunch. Spinach with goat cheese, red peppers, sweet potato, and a veggie burger.

  74. Tonia says

    I don’t eat salads very often, but I wish that I liked them more. I would love to try the Bruschetta Italian dressing and that bowl would be great for work.

  75. says

    It kind of depends on what you consider a salad. I think I had what would definitely be considered a salad Tuesday with supper, but since then, I’ve put black beans and rice on top of salad mix with salsa–does that count as salad? I’m thinking yes. I’ve also sauted spinach and topped it with egg. I’m thinking that’s not a salad.

  76. Jennifer says

    I had a salmon salad for dinner last night! I love salads, especially when they are in huge, awesome bowls like that one :)

  77. Tiffany says

    As for a salad, like in spinach or lettuce…too long. Whoops! I’ve been munching on whole tomatoes and other ‘salads’ like tuna and quinoa options of late. LOVE quinoa mixed with just about anything. I think that counts. I think it is the whole issue of how to bring my dressing to work, so that my coworkers don’t steal from my bottle holding me back. This bowl would totally solve that!

  78. Jess says

    I have a salad at least once a day and if I really don’t feel like cooking I will have a salad for lunch and dinner… Its getting cooler in Minnesota so I have to get my salad fix before the snow flies and my body starts to crave hearty comfort foods.

  79. says

    Salads are a staple in my life. I had one yesterday for lunch – broccoli slaw, hummus, BBQ sauce, and cottage cheese. I’ll throw anything in a bowl and call it a salad. =)

  80. Christina Webb says

    That is the coolest salad bowl – I need one for work so I can carry a little side of dressing too, instead of the whole bottle! I had a salad for dinner last night, and will probably have another one tonight from Chick Fil A. Those Southwest Salads are my weakness!

  81. Autumn Rae says

    It’s been awhile since my last salad. I don’t even think I could ballpark it for you. I need to get back on the salad wagon!

  82. AshinMT says

    I eat salad for lunch 99% of the time. They are good, yes- however i need to get out of the rut big time. Its whatever leftover protein from the night before, mixed greens, broccoli and some sort of dressing. Sometimes i have to gag it down, true story. So, after that nice little gem… pick me!

  83. zoe says

    I have a salad every day at work for lunch. Im obsessed with the separate container for dressing, so I think this giveaway has my name on it.

  84. Kellie says

    I eat a salad every night for dinner. Lots of greens and veggies, brown rice and beans with some sort of fat (goat cheese, avocado, nuts). I love one bowl meals.

  85. shannon saunders says

    I last night. I actually just had a salad. I am recovering from a knee surgery and to be honest, i am non weight-bearing so it is hard to get up and make salads. When I saw the bowl loved loved it. The bowl is big enough to hold a great salad and appears to keep cool if you do not eat it right away. loved it.

  86. stephanie*L says

    AWESOME giveaway! I have tried the bruschetta italian which i dont really like it on salads- but my fiance LOVES it. Im sure it would be a great marinade. I eat salad every-single-day ever since i discovered costco wholesale romaine lettuce. love. and cheap

  87. says

    i eat a salad every day for lunch and with dinner! my current go to salad: pickle chips, bbq sauce, and sliced char crust chicken breast! (if you havent had char crust- GO GET SOME NOW! http://www.charcrust.com/home/index.php your chicken will look burnt and not appealing- but it will be the juciest and most delicious “i taste like i was cooked on a grill but i wasnt” chicken youll ever have!)

  88. says

    I had a salad last night! Thai Chopped Chicken Salad from Panera. Love the peanut sauce and edamame. I need to make my own version, panera is expensive and i’m poor.

  89. Beth says

    I had a salad with dinner last night. We have a side salad with dinner EVERY night (it’s the only way I can get my husband to eat some veggies!). I do tend to have them a lot for lunch since they’re easy, versatile, and healthy (potentially).

  90. Jamie says

    I had a salad for lunch yesterday. It was so good- lots of steak, roasted red peppers, and goat cheese yum! (Plus a side of garlic bread :-) )

  91. Cassie says

    Let’s see, when was the last time my lunch or dinner didn’t include salad would probably be the better question. I live on salad! If I could find a way to not be weird and eat one for breakfast, I probably would!

  92. Valerie says

    I had a salad for dinner last night! It was freakin awesome too: red leaf lettuce, green olives, kalamata olives, cherry tomatoes, scallions, mushrooms, black beans and avocado. I <3 salad.

  93. says

    I don’t know if this counts as a salad but yesterday for lunch I put a veggie burger in a bowl of spring mix and threw salsa on top…if it has lettuce it’s a salad, right??

  94. marie says

    Yesterday at lunch I had a spinach, romaine, & lemon chicken salad. Today’s lunch will include one with strawberries, feta, spinach, & arugula.

    You’re not the only volume eater who loves the veggies! 😉

  95. Katy says

    I actually had a salad last night for dinner!! I have a salad every day in the summer and early fall (I have a garden and grow lettuce, onions, peppers, tomatoes, etc). My favorite salad is BBQ chicken with grilled veggies w/ light ranch!! Soo good, I love the hot/cold combo!! :-)

    PS. I love your blog!!

  96. Cassy says

    oh I need that!! it would be perfect for work!
    I had a salad YESTERDAY! whoop! Thank goodness whole foods is literally across the street from my work! Saves me on days i forget to bring a lunch.

  97. says

    I actually forced myself into a MAJOR salad rut by eating the SAME salad nearly every night for a few weeks in the summer. Since it’s been feeling like AUTUMN lately, I haven’t had one in a while!

  98. Angelle says

    Umm I love salad, I eat them pretty much every day either lunch or dinner… Yesterday was the last one I ate- Raw spinach with chicken salad- dried berries- goat cheese and red wine vinagrette… absolutely lovely!

  99. Carolyn says

    We had salad for dinner last night! Organic baby spinach, chopped mini heirloom tomatos, sunflower seeds, and poppyseed dressing. Mmm.

  100. Louise says

    The last salad I had was last night. I made a super huge one
    for dinner – very yummy. Thanks for the contest – hope I win!!

  101. Katie M. says

    I just had a salad for supper tonight. It was sorta lame tho because I really need to shop. It was some bagged stuff with a smattering of different greens. I dumped on some dried cranberries and almonds and a little bit of french dressing…which I really don’t care for but once again…i need to shop.

  102. says

    Last time I had a salad was at the Olive Garden last week! I loooove Olive Garden’s salad dressing (especially when I slather it on their breadsticks…)

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