Feeling Sick Friday

Hello! Happy Friday?

Actually I woke up at 4:50am with a scratchy throat and couldn’t go back to sleep. Randomly, I also woke up really hungry. I drank some coffee, ate half a banana and stalled on twitter until about 6am before I went for a run.

Yes, I look sick too. My eyebrow skin is still red and swollen. Ben still insists it just looks like I have red eye shadow on. Thanks.IMG_9970 (800x600)

After I slapped on some more cream on it I went for an easy 3 miler.IMG_0012 (800x600)

I did a quick “in & out” shower and made breakfast. In honor of the letter “F” I bring you French Toast Friday!IMG_0022 (800x533)

I made my usual French Toast and in a separate pan cooked up some of the apple crisp with the rest of the banana – In BUTTER. It was amazing and luckily Ben stole most of it.IMG_0039 (800x533)

My basil plant is also feeling sick Sad smileIMG_0013 (600x800)

Question: What do you do when you’re feeling a little sick? Got any tips/tricks or magical potions I should try?

My Wish-bone Salad Sampler Giveaway ends today at noon PST. (I think everything should be in PST by the way. I can’t add 3 hours to save my life.)


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    Eat garlic cloves, take vitamin C mega doses, airborne works well, I take a lot of Chinese herbs or zicam! Drink lots of water and get your rest! I sound like a mom.

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    Honestly, when I’m sick I am a mess. My husband functions normally, even when he had pneumonia, but not me. I’ll usually get up and take a hot shower if I can manage it, change in to clean pj’s get back in bed with my supplies – tissues, breakfast, drinks, magazines, books, and my computer. If I’m realllly sick, the supplies go untouched and I just sleep it off. I hate being sick!

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    I am feeling like I’m coming down with something, too, but luckily for me, my big race was last week, not coming up. Here’s what I am doing: Emergen-C twice a day. Hot green tea–lots of it. Plain saline nasal spray (or use a neti-pot). Lots of these foods, which I read somewhere help the immune system: garlic, broccoli, pumpkin, ginger (fresh and dried), red peppers, beans, and yogurt. Plenty of sleep. I also started Sambucol last night. I’ve never tried it before, but one of my friends said it works, so I figured it couldn’t hurt. Good luck!

  4. Dynamics says

    My dad used to make us eat vitamin C pills and drink rose hips tea with honey. I saw Dr. Oz’s daughter put Ester-C powder in her Smoothie. Great idea, especially now that we are entering the flu season. Extra C can’t hurt to take. Feel better!!

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    Oh no, feel better! I swear by ZINC when I’m sick. It usually get’s my symptoms away pretty fast! I also drink emergen-c and OJ.
    That french toast looks so yum. I haven’t had french toast in ages!

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    Sorry you’re not feeling well. Hopefully it’s just a 24 hour thing so you’re recovered the by the marathon.

    I used to push through when I wasn’t feeling well, but now I take it easy. I noticed I get better faster when I do that, otherwise it hangs on forever!

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    I swear by emergen-c and zinc tablets, like many others posted above…and TONS of water.

    Another thing I swear by though, is add whole cut up chili pepper to chicken noodle soup (either homemade or canned)…the spiciness opens up your airways, and gives you a nice energy boost :) and then chicken soup is just really comforting when you don’t feel well

    also for your eyebrows: next time before you get waxed, use a little vitamin e oil on your skin first…this will help the wax stick less to your skin, but it will still pull up the hairs. Yellow-based concealer or powder will help cancel out the red if you need to cover it up for a particular occasion…I am super fair skinned and sensitive, so these things have helped me :)

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    This was me, this week. Best advice, and the hardest for a runner to follow: REST. That was my downfall – I was fighting off this flu/cold with echinacea, Airborn, all that good stuff, and then I got a really bad night’s sleep on Tuesday night. WHAMMO, Wednesday I had the full blown flu. Thursday night I got plenty of sleep, plus all the usual sick remedies: hot soup, hot toddy, etc. and I’m about 100x better.

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    Sicky tips: soup, bread, bananas, rice, and vitamin C… Plain and simple but it’ll all help! P.S. French toast looks awesome- I was planning on making some for myself this morning but didn’t, IDK what I was thinking- there’s always tomorrow!

  10. LP says

    Do you use Differin or a Retin A product on your face? If so, waxing will rip off the top layer of your skin (I know this from experience…). If that’s the case, it will scab over and take several days (possibly a week) to look like normal. Threading is the way to go!

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    I use my netirinse…kinda like the nettipot but way better. I also use mouth wash several times a day. It might not work but mentally I thnk it does. It kills the bacteria

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      I had to run before work and didn’t have time to really eat, let it digest, then run. If I’m legit hungry I never just eat fruit (unless it’s a whole watermelon). I just needed to stall it a bit and only had 3 miles to do.

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    I’m just getting over a cold too – no fun! I eat lots of chewable Vit C (tastes like candy), soup, juice and hot tea with honey. I can’t do over the counter cold meds because they make me loopy for days :) Hope you feel better soon!

    French toast is one of my favourites and yours looks super yummy!

  13. Maren says

    Hope you are feeling better soon! I take Airborne three times a day when I start feeling icky. Also, OJ, tons of water, and even more rest!

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    i hate being sick…no fun at all. try those zinc cough drops..my whole family swears by them and think that they cut the time of a cold at least in half. also, soup and tea and lots of fluids! and try a neti-pot too! i have been trying to force myself to use one everyday so that I avoid getting sick–hope it works

    I saw a few people already said this, but you should try threading for sure! I have super sensitive skin (and often have waxers tell me how bad it is) and was talked into threading last time i went to get my eyebrows waxed. it hurts more (i think) but is worth it bc 1. the redness is not as bad at all and 2. the wax makes me break out so i don’t have that problem anymore!

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    My skin is super sensitive and when I waxed my eyebrows for the first and only time, I looked just like you. By the time my skin healed completely, I could have used another wax. Fail. So, why am I saying this… ? A few years later a friend of mine asked if I waxed… nope! So she said I should try ‘threading’. I had NO idea what it was, but basically a nice Indian (like from India, not American Indian) holds a long piece of thread in her mouth and then in both hands… not sure how they do it, but basically they pluck out the hairs with the thread. SO trippy. It hurts, but I wouldn’t say it hurts more than waxing. The best thing is it won’t make your skin all irritated for days. The redness is usually gone within the hour. Once you get used to it, it’s really not bad. The place I go to is right by South Coast Plaza called Ziba. I like Sita or Pavi. They rock! (I just typed rock with a c not an r HAHAHAHA!)

  16. Megan says

    As an Esthetician, your eyebrows should NEVER look like that for as long as they have been. Your waxer needs to change the wax they use on you. It looks as though she tore your skin.

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