Apples and Orange Shirts


Since I am still on Panama time (2 hours earlier than Pacific) I ate breakfast early and got hungry for lunch around 10am. I tried to hold it off with an apple, but that attempt was futile as apples only make me hungrier. But, Honeycrisps are sooo good, I don’t want to mix them with anything! In an effort to stay awake I had a big glass plastic of iced coffee. Also didn’t do … [Read more...]

A Big Hot Bowl of Oats


Happy Halloween! ( Despite the fact that I stayed up until 11:15pm last night finishing The Hunger Games, I woke up at 5am today ready to go. It still looked pitch black outside, but I couldn’t fall back asleep. I stalled a little then, put on my running clothes and decided to face the dark. But, have I mentioned that I’m scared of the dark?! Yep. Totally … [Read more...]

Search Me Sunday–Wrong Turn


It’s so sad how many people take a wrong turn at Google and end up at Run Eat Repeat. Consider this post a formal apology and an attempt to steer you in the right direction... But first, if you were searching for a fashion blog you came to the wrong place. It was cold this morning so I put a random white tank on top of my running shirt. All fancy like. At least my dogs … [Read more...]

What to Eat in Panama


Hello from somewhere above Costa Rica! I am currently on my flight home to Southern California. We found a direct flight from LAX to Panama so the air travel has actually been the easiest part of our whole trip! I didn’t post Friday because internet was spotty and I didn’t feel like fighting it. Luckily, you didn’t miss much. El Valle, the town we stayed at the last two … [Read more...]

Sweat Eat Repeat in Panama


Ben says the theme of this vacation is “Sweat, Eat, Repeat” because we started our day with a hike up to the top of Taboga Island’s famous cross lookout point…    See the sandbar we swam on yesterday?   That’s Panama City in the distance.  First, we SWEAT.   Then, it was time to EAT breakfast!   We left the island after breakfast … [Read more...]

Chandra Runs and Eats and Drinks


Today’s post is from Chandra of Chandras Shenanigans. I met her at the Healthy Living Summit in 2010 and now she’s my little blog friend turned real life friend. We bonded over shots in our hotel room… and lobster sliders later that evening. It was pretty epic and we’ve been talking every since. 1. Where is your favorite place to run?     Anywhere … [Read more...]

Another Red Head Runs or Used To


I don’t think you can blame me for being a little biased toward red heads. My brother and I were the only red heads for miles and miles growing up. We looked like freaks. So, we I grew up and discovered I wasn’t an alien I was delighted! I was extra delighted to find fellow red heads that love running, like Morgan from Caution Red Head Running. Unfortunately, Morgan is out of … [Read more...]

By Land and By Sea in Panama


Ben and I woke up super early this morning to the catch the 5:30am bus back into Panama City. It was rough, but saved us $38.00 (read: worth it).      When we got to the transportation terminal we stopped to grab breakfast. I’m kinda sick of empanadas and was craving an egg sandwich. Luckily, there was a Subway there! They actually make the eggs for your … [Read more...]

Hungry Runner Girl Runs and Eats


Today’s guest post is from the most impressive runner I’ve ever met in person. I met Janae from Hungry Runner Girl this summer and she is ridiculously sweet, funny, cute and FAST! Her marathon PR is 3:04. That’s like real life magic. So, I’m taking notes on this guest post – I need all the help I can get! 1. Where is your favorite place to run? My favorite place in the whole … [Read more...]

If You Like Pina Coladas…


This morning Ben and I woke up bright and early to check out the Soberania National Park in Panama We started with breakfast at 7am – eggs, toast, sausage (donated to Ben) and fruit.   Then, we set out on foot for the Pipeline Road. It’s about a mile from our B&B. First we stopped at a small stand to gather food for fuel. (You’ll see our food finds below.) With food, … [Read more...]

Runner’s Rambles Runs and Eats too


Hey RER readers!  I am Aron and I blog over at runner's rambles where I talk about all things running.  I live in the same lovely state as Monica, just many hours up north in the bay area!  I have actually met Monica one time mid-marathon and can't wait to hang out with her very soon in Vegas!  1. Where is your favorite place to run? I love running in … [Read more...]

Going to Gamboa Panama


Ben and I moved our vacation inland to the rain forest for a few days. But, this morning I made oatmeal with hot water from the coffee maker… I’ve been rolling with this little trick for years – anyone else do this?  And we took a walk outside. There is a really great walking/running/biking path in Panama City along the water way. I wasn’t comfortable going for a run … [Read more...]

Skinny Runner Runs and Eats


Remember this summer when I gained 7 pounds from eating fro-yo all the time and my blogger friends like Skinny Runner didn’t gain an ounce?! Well, after I wrote obscene things about her on the Yogurtland walls I had to beg her to re-friend me and write a guest post. Today my SoCal peep Skinny Runner is sharing her running secrets. Kinda. 1. Where is your favorite place to … [Read more...]

Local Food in Panama


After the Panama Canal we went to Ciudad Viejo. It’s one of the older areas of Panama and has a lot of history. We visited a few Catholic churches. I may have mentioned it, repeatedly every time I do confession Thursday but I was raised Catholic and really appreciate this. Said a little prayer here <3 I needed that.We walked around and explored building and more churches … [Read more...]

LAX to Panama City


Hola de Panama!    Our direct flight from LAX to Panama City was pleasant and uneventful. I grabbed an iced coffee and packed breakfast for the plane. But, I ended up eating it in the bookstore while perusing the periodicals… I didn’t realize (or plan it), but we had the Emergency Exit row to ourselves! I’ve never had this row and was pretty jazzed about it! … [Read more...]

Faith Fitness Fun Runs and Eats too


Hello and Happy Sunday! I am in Panama right now and have lined up a fun series while I’m gone. I’m asking a few of my favorite bloggers to dish about their running and food must haves! Today Tina from Faith Fitness Fun shares her thoughts 1. Where is your favorite place to run? I love running basically anywhere outdoors. We have a local running path not far from where I … [Read more...]