The Habit Burger Grill


I don’t have an identifiable illness unless you count lamebloggeritis but I still felt weird into the afternoon. My appetite was gone most of the day, which means I was SUPER SICK because I’m always hungry. Always. So, I didn’t plan anything for dinner. When Ben suggested The Habit Burger Grill I jumped at it. I’ve been wanting to try that place for a while. I’ve heard good … [Read more...]

October 2011–Craziest Month Ever


How’s your day going? I still feel like sick, so I let myself spend the day on the couch with some snacks and good trash TV. Just what the Monica ordered I took a super short nap (I think 20 minutes?) and then jumped up for some food. This is why I hate naps – I wake up with the worst low blood sugar and head to the kitchen half asleep. Then, I headed to Costco for my weekly … [Read more...]

Feed a Monica Starve a Fever


You know the phrase – “Feed a cold, starve a fever”? Well, my throat hurts so I don’t fall under either of those categories. But I do know that I NEVER starve a Monica. It’s just not right. Anyways, we left off with me hanging out at my mom’s. I didn’t post again last night because I was tired and still feeling ‘off’.  Even though I wasn’t hungry, I stole a bunch of my … [Read more...]