October 2011–Craziest Month Ever

How’s your day going? I still feel like sick, so I let myself spend the day on the couch with some snacks and good trash TV. Just what the Monica ordered wlEmoticon winkingsmile October 2011–Craziest Month EverVW me n TV 2gether 4ever October 2011–Craziest Month Ever

I took a super short nap (I think 20 minutes?) and then jumped up for some food. This is why I hate naps – I wake up with the worst low blood sugar and head to the kitchen half asleep.IMG 0076 800x600 thumb October 2011–Craziest Month Ever

Then, I headed to Costco for my weekly grocery shopping trip. Sickness doesn’t stop me partaking in samples! Sad But True Sidenote: I didn’t want this right away and put it in my purse for later. IMG 0079 800x600 thumb October 2011–Craziest Month Ever

When I glanced at the calendar in preparation for my 90 day ‘get it together’ challenge I saw how crazy October is going to be! Part of me is excited, a bigger part of me is stressed!IMG 0081 800x600 thumb October 2011–Craziest Month Ever

First I have a little ol’ marathon to run October 9th.image thumb1 October 2011–Craziest Month Ever

The following weekend I am headed to a Bachelorette Party cruise for my friend Susan.susan and monica out thumb October 2011–Craziest Month Eversusan and monica vegas thumb October 2011–Craziest Month Ever

The last Bachelorette party I went to was for her sister Lisa, so it’s the same super fun group of girls!!! I am so looking forward to partaking in excessive amounts of adult beverages after my race! I earned it right?!vegas thumb October 2011–Craziest Month Ever

*Note: Both events will require a lot on hydrating and result in blisters on my feet. But for different reasons wlEmoticon winkingsmile October 2011–Craziest Month Ever

If you want to read those recaps:

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Serendipity (The restaurant on the strip)

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The next weekend I’m headed to Panama for a week! This is Ben and my anniversary trip <3P6120084 800x600 thumb October 2011–Craziest Month Ever

So, this is the only low key weekend of the whole month and I’m sick! Fail.

Question: What are you most looking forward to this month?


  1. says

    I’m super jealous about your trip to Panama!

    I am excited for my trip to DC to visit some dear friends AND to have a 26.2 mile tour of DC, AKA that Marine Corps Marathon! Running for Team Semper Fi Fund.

  2. Anna says

    I’m excited to be getting married on October 22! I’m also looking forward to my 4th half marathon and my best friend visiting.

  3. says

    I love October! I’m running a 10k and half marathon this month, going to visit a friend down in Charlotte and my wedding anniversary is this month! And it’s both of my parents birthdays. :-)

    Hope you feel better!

  4. Tara says

    I am looking forward to the LBC marathon! It’s 2am and I’m still awake! How am I going to make it on marathon day?! Lol. I’m too excited!!

  5. says

    Well my October isn’t going to be nearly as busy as yours, but I do have my 10-year HS reunion to go to, my anniversary to celebrate, and a b-day party to go to for my niece and nephew. All within the next two weekends!

    • says

      And duh. I can’t believe I forgot: but the SparkPeople cookbook comes out on Tuesday! And since I’m going to be in it, I should probably mention that! :)

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