Too Thick Biscuits


This Sunday was pretty chill I did some cleaning and eating and relaxing. Just like I like it Remember how I have the most tragic Pink Sink? Well, it’s still alive and well because we have a long list of house repairs to do before anything cosmetic. So, even though it embarrasses me to show you my pepto bismo décor I want to show you how I finally organized my make-up! I … [Read more...]

Messy Pancake Sunday


Happy Sunday! I really wanted to hit up a class at the gym today, but a lazy morning meant I missed it. Fail. Oh well, that just meant a beautiful walk  outside instead. First though, I made pancakes! When I make them for Ben I cook up two separate batches because he likes his pancakes with extra eggs and cooked in extra butter. The first one I made was too egg-y so I … [Read more...]