The Perfect Grape


I had a busy afternoon so I made a stick-with-me-smoothie (that’s the official name). I mixed in some Amazing Grass with it hoping it will help my dyingitis. Topped with cereal and a vitatop. It did stick with me! I stopped on the way home for seltzer and grapes. I had a craving. But, I am a grape killer! I eat a grape hoping it’s the perfect one. You know, the big crunchy one … [Read more...]

Who Am I (Not a Post on the Meaning of Life)


I am not someone who takes naps or gets sick, so this whole feeling off thing is really starting to get on my nerves. I don’t have to get into work today until 2pm (I stay late tonight though) so mid-morning when I contemplated taking a nap I questioned myself, “Who am I right now?!” I’ve heard pregnancy makes you super tired and I hate being tired (you’ll notice ‘get 8 hours … [Read more...]

New Running Sunglasses


I took a melatonin last night hoping I would crash hard and wake up feeling great, but NOPE. I still feel a little sick. My throat doesn’t hurt anymore, but now I have a lot of mocos. I’m hoping it’s all getting flushed out and I’ll be 100% by tomorrow. The marathon is Sunday, so I have a few days to get better. But, at this point I’m getting very stressed about it. Ugh. … [Read more...]