Triple Tangent Tuesday–I’m a Goner


1. This afternoon I realized I haven’t been able to smell or taste anything for days. Oddly, this has not stopped me from eating or drinking like a starvin’ Marvin. But that’s because I don’t eat because I’m hungry. I eat because I like to eat. At least I’ve come to terms with it (and made a plan for improvement). I threw a frozen meal on my salad for dinner. I don’t think I … [Read more...]

Blogger Safety Fitblog Chat Tonight


I’m still not 100%, so when I was just ‘phoning it in’ during KB I decided to leave and just hang out at work until my 11am client. I hate that I left, but I need to rest. I need to rest. I need to rest. (I keep telling myself this, hoping I’ll do it.) After my shift I came home for lunch. Ben had some time, so he joined me. It was nice <3 (You know, cause we’re in love and … [Read more...]

Carb Loading is No Joke


Hello and Happy Tuesday! I’m feeling a little better today, but still have about 3 tons of mucus to flush outta my nose ifyaknowwhatimean. Sorry, that was gross. But it’s grosser for me. (source) 90% of the time I cannot decide on what to have for breakfast (mostly because I love ALL breakfast foods). I think I should just declare this meal my official breakfast and eat it … [Read more...]