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I’m still not 100%, so when I was just ‘phoning it in’ during KB I decided to leave and just hang out at work until my 11am client. I hate that I left, but I need to rest. I need to rest. I need to rest. (I keep telling myself this, hoping I’ll do it.)

After my shift I came home for lunch. Ben had some time, so he joined me. It was nice <3 (You know, cause we’re in love and all.) IMG_0186 (800x533)

Reasons for the items on my plate:

  • Soup – because I’m sick (in case you didn’t pick up on that from the 996 times I’ve mentioned it so far in this post)
  • Chips – Carb loading (it’s science we learned this morning)
  • Watermelon – because I’m Monica “the watermelon eating machine” OlivasIMG_0187 (800x533)

In other news, my intern is sleeping on the job. Not cool. Contact me if you want his job. It’s unpaid, but you do get to spend time with a watermelon eatin’ fool Winking smileIMG_0190 (533x800)

In other better news… my friend Kristin (who was my only friend in Maryland and the reason I didn’t fall into severe depression) had her baby! We stayed with her and her husband after Fitbloggin in May and now that bump is living on the outside with us Smilekristin and monica fitbloggin

Dear everyone, please try to make the world a better place. Babies are popping up everywhere and they need it <3

In Running News – This lady ran a marathon on her 83rd birthday. She is better than me.

I am hosting the Fitblog Chat tonight! It’s on Blogger Safety 6pm PST/9pmEST. See ya on twitter! We’ll be discussing:

Q1: How do you maintain your privacy online?
Q2: How do you ensure your safety? Precautions?
Q3: Have you ever been concerned for your safety?
Q4: What information do you share/not share?


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    have you tried a neti pot? It will make you feel so, so, so much better, I swear. It flushes out all the mucuous. It takes a bit to learn how to use it but it’s wonderful once you do.

    hope you are well soon!

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    Monica thanksnso much for linking that article on Jeannine Julson… SO incredibly inspirational! Not only is she going strong and celebrating life on her 83rd birthday but she is a breast cancer survivor, a family member joined her at each mile marker and she is running for her grandaughter who is battling a disease! We need more people like her in this world! I hope I age like she does!

    And I totally agree… We need to Keep on bettering this world for our future generations <3

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    re: safety
    Good questions!
    I don’t blog about races or travel plans until AFTER I’ve done them. I don’t need people to know where I’ll be on a certain date (or that I will/won’t be home). Along similar lines – no details that could ID my home, car, workplace, etc…
    I also have a sort-of regular pattern for my workout schedule, so I mix up times and places just so I don’t accidentally leave clues about my “weekly 10am Tuesday run down Main Street.”

    PS – I love the blogger safety presentation you put together a couple of months ago. There are some great suggestions in there!

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