Triple Tangent Tuesday–I’m a Goner

1. This afternoon I realized I haven’t been able to smell or taste anything for days. Oddly, this has not stopped me from eating or drinking like a starvin’ Marvin. But that’s because I don’t eat because I’m hungry. I eat because I like to eat. At least I’ve come to terms with it (and made a plan for improvement).IMG_0175 (800x600)

I threw a frozen meal on my salad for dinner. I don’t think I could taste it, but that’s probably for the best.IMG_0180 (800x600)

This watermelon soup came tumbling after. It may be my last watermelon of the season. R.I.P Happiness.IMG_0189 (800x600)

How do I eat so much watermelon you ask?

It’s because the inside of my belly looks like this… watermelon mouth(source)

2. Stonyfield Oikos is making Greek Frozen Yogurt. I tried it at Blogher and LOVED the blueberry. They sent me a few coupons to relive the magic and picked one up this weekend.IMG_0183 (600x800)

You can see the vanilla bean specs in it. IMG_0187 (800x600)

3. If I don’t wake up tomorrow feeling 100% I’m going to end it all. dead cat

That, or I’ll wait to die in Panama as Ben and I just realized we were supposed to get immunizations?!@?!IMG_5874 (800x600)Fellow Panama visitors, did you get anti-malarial pills or shots? Please advise.

Or I’m a goner.

Well, it was fun while it lasted…


  1. alicia says

    But that’s because I don’t eat because I’m hungry. I eat because I like to eat. At least I’ve come to term with it.

    THANK YOU!!!!!!! this is a wonderful statement :)

    • alicia says

      btw, by saying this i am not encouraging anyone to completely stuff their faces at all times…..but i’m just saying, many food bloggers appear so “perfect” about their eating (only eating when hungry, always stopping as soon as they get full) and it’s like….come on, not everyone is like that all the time :p

  2. says

    If you’re planning on going to Bocas Del Toro or anything on that side, you should get the anti-malaria stuff. If you’re just going to hang out around Panama City and the canal, you should be okay.

    But, honestly, taking a few pills and having a few very vivid dreams is far better than coming home with a crazy disease, right?

      • Aleks says

        my friend was taking the anti-malaria pills before and while in nigeria. let just say the ‘vivid dreams’ were a little too much vivid, so the doctors there thought he actually got malaria and put him on the strongest medicine (which was most likely not needed). due to that new drug, he had nightmares/hallucinations for the next couple of weeks, and was basically a zombie. i cannot really describe his experience, but he told me he doesn’t wish the same to happen to anyone – it was really scary scary shit! anyway, because of that i made a conscious decision not take the anti-malaria stuff when going to sri lanka, as i just couldn’t get over what i saw happening to him. though i would probably do it if going to africa where it is more widespread.

  3. Kate says

    Definitely get a yellow fever shot (they last for 10 years) and I think you may need to carry your Yellow Fever Card with you to travel. Then you can take Larium like Dr. Rose recommended, but it’s pretty harsh stuff. You can also take doxycycline which will not only prevent malaria, but also prevent mild stomach stuff and make your skin lovely! Other than that just pack a good medicine kit and you’ll be good to go. You can always skip the malaria pills, but malaria is super lame :)

  4. says

    I have a cold too, but that’s less of a worry than a hamstring that acts up every time I run, even a short distance. Not sure how I’m gonna do in Long Beach. Now, to down some more NyQuil.

  5. says

    Larium can give you crazy dreams, but Doxycycline may cause an exaggerated sunburn. I like Larium better b/c you only have to take a pill once a week.
    I hope you start feeling better soon!

  6. says

    Ooooh, Panama! I’ve never been there, but I have spent some time in Belize and Guatemala, both of which were amazing.

    I was in REMOTE areas for a class, so I probably got more vaccinations than people traveling to more resort areas. I got the yellow fever, typhoid, and tetanus. I believe I already had Hep A & B. I also took malaria pills – which I had to start a few weeks before the trip – and brought ciprofloxacin in case I got an infection.

  7. gabe says

    If you doxy – make sure you eat something substantial before you take it – else you will feel deathly ill. That said, I took it for over a month, and had no problems once I learned to eat breaky before I took – no weird dreams or exaggerated sunburn. Doxy is the cheapest (or it used to be by far) which is why I took it, but there are other pills out there. Ask your doctor.

    And have fun.

  8. says

    I totally eat like normal when I am sick too! hahaha I make no sacrifices!!!

    LOVE all those vanilla bean specks.. YUMMMM Last night I was trying to decide between buying a pint of Oikos vanilla or Artic Zero chocolate mint cookie…. I chose the latter… I chose POORLY. :(

  9. says

    I love that you say you eat because you love to eat. Food is totally a pleasure and we should all enjoy doing it (although not to excess, of course).

    That sucks that you’re still not feeling well. I hope you wake up tomorrow completely better. Fingers crossed!

  10. says

    My friends did when they went to Panama. I think they did the shots.

    No dying please. I need a red headed Mexican in my internet life.

  11. says

    Nothing like a frozen meal and soggy watermelon :) Actually, I’m sure I’m guilty of eating both, but I don’t have any photographic evidence yet. Thank goodness for froyo, I need to try the Oikos, I absolutely LOVE vanilla bean specks!
    Thanks for continuing to speak the truth in matter of fact way…”I eat because I like to eat…” I freakin’ say that all the time. I completely understand what you mean, I’m surprised I can even handle a smoothie as a meal since there’s no chewing involved.

  12. Ally says

    If you have any sensitivities to antibiotics AT ALL beware of doxy. I had an allergic reaction to it while in west Africa and almost had to be evacuated to Europe. BAD NEWS.

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