Ask a Monican #19


Here is Ask a Monican #19. Sorry, it’s super long - I was very random today. Also, I tried something new and taped it straight to YouTube from Ben’s computer. It cut me off at 15 minutes, which is for the best… Monica blabs about… 1. How often should you get new running shoes? Do you have different pairs of shoes for different surfaces? 2. What are 6 things you want to … [Read more...]

My Favorite Marathon Video


I am born and raised a southern California girl. Given that, I cannot handle weather. I drive like a maniac in the rain. I wear a thick parka, scarf and boots when it’s 62 degrees. And I’m very happy that the weather variations are mild, or less mild. But, when I realized it was raining this morning and I had already skipped my run yesterday I kinda got excited. I know 61 … [Read more...]