Confession Thursday–Iced Coffee Snack

It’s that time again for me to clear my conscious in a very inappropriate and public manner… Confession Thursday! PRAYING_thumb

1. Ben took the last of the romaine for lunch (he’s super into salads lately, wonder where he got that from). So, I had to make a quick trip to the store for a new pack. Yeah, 20 bucks later I made lunch. The Sabra hummus was an added bonus for my inconvenience. IMG_0212 (800x600)

2. I don’t like little yappy dogs. Especially my neighbors dog who scares the crap out of my every time I walk by. EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. You think I’d be used to it.

3. Sometimes I drink a glass of iced coffee in the afternoon so I won’t snack. Ironically, this often means I end up snacking while highly caffeinated. Not sure how that’s working out for me.IMG_0219 (600x800)

4. I’m not excited about this jam-packed month of fun as much as I’m stressed about it Sad smile I wish I could reschedule a few things, but that’s not reality.

5. My basil plant is dying. I should eat it to show it who’s boss.IMG_0221 (600x800)

6. Every time I buy a pack of Vitatops I swear it’s the last time. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve made that promise to myself.

7. I don’t consider myself a competitive person at all. So, I kinda hate that I have a time goal for the marathon. It’s stressful when I normally think of running as anything but. I just want to do my own thing with no pressure, ya know?

Got anything to confess?

I work late tonight and am not sure if I’ll be back later or tomorrow. See ya later!


  1. says

    I confess I haven’t drunk (drank? drunken?) enough water today and now I have a stupid headache :(

    Your basil plant reminds me of the one on Bitchin’ Kitchen that Nadia G tears up for the “Last Supper” lol if you haven’t watched that show it’s cheesy (it’s Canadian lol) and hilarious…you should totally watch it

  2. says

    #5 about showing your basil plant who’s boss had me cracking up. The idea of it already being on the verge of dying, and then eating it and ultimately killing it more made me laugh.

    My confession for the day? I just finished a paper that’s do in an hour. Yay procrastination!!

  3. says

    You can revive the basil! I had basil that was dying and I put it in a vase with water and it came back to life for like, 2 weeks! But it wasn’t a plant, I just picked it up from the farmers market, so not sure if that makes a difference.

  4. says

    Love the “eat it to show it who’s boss” comment. Cracked me up.

    My confessions:
    1. I spend way too much time during the work day reading blogs.
    2. I have to pick up some medicine at Walgreens and am looking forward to it because they always have chocolate covered Peeps and I really want one.

  5. says

    1. Every time my husband is in the car and I’m walking toward it he beeps obnoxiously. Every time I jump 10 feet and shriek.
    2. I love the idea of having weekend plans, in reality I’m just as happy cuddling up on the couch.
    3. I bought a bunch of basil and put it in vase on the counter to make it last…my cat ate it that day. I bought a pot of basil and when I went away on vacation, he ate that too. I miss basil.

    • says

      I HATE when people beep at me! It might partially be growing up in a bad neighborhood where it’s meant to send a message, but Ben has learned I ignore all honking.

      You should rename your cat Basil.

  6. says

    I am on a canned tuna kick, but think of Jeremy Piven every time I have tuna salad.
    You’ve trained hard, I’m sure you’ll have fun on race day and get that PR at the same time.

  7. Sara says

    Confession 1- I am going through a really hard time right now with my binge eating. This is embarrassing but here’s what I ate today: frosted cinnamon roll, fruit salad, milk, double chocolate muffin, corn muffin, sticky bun, 6 cookies, kit kat, king size resees. All from different food trucks. I hate college and my eating disorder. Sorry for the negativity ! It just feels nice to confess.
    Confession 2-I love running outside but dont do it often anymore because I live in the city now. The reason I don’t like the gym is because I always compare myself to others.

  8. says

    My confession: I feel really stupid admitting this. I applied an ice pack to my sore hamstring this morning without a towel as I usually do. Now I have a nice sized ice pack burn. It’s not awful, but definitely not something I need right now.

  9. says

    Confessions: If I don’t start eating for the day, I am not hungry. But once I start eating, I seem to want to keep eating.

    It is a “high-food” weekend. Dinner out last night, hockey game tonight, Ren Festival on Sun. Oops.

    The Kidless Kronicles

  10. says

    I say the same thing about peanut M&M’s like you do Vitatops. And then when I don’t have them, I resort to PB Puffins, or anything I can get my hands on. Boo.

    Good luck this weekend! I wish I had trained for the 1/2 and could be there to cheer you on!

  11. Christina Webb says

    Those vitatops are my nemesis! I’m up to eating two a day, and I can’t control it! You would think the price would deter me, but I still buy 4 boxes at a time. Do you get really disappointed, like I do, if you get a box with tops that don’t have many chocolate chips on top? I dump them all out and search for the ones with the most chocolate chips and eat those first 😐

  12. says

    I am the same way with Larabars and Zing bars as you are with VitaTops. Just can’t get enough. And they are “healthy” right? Maybe just not in the amount that I consume them in…

    Ok, I have to confess this because I posted it as my FB status a bit ago:

    I think I needed more sleep… I just got irritated, twice in a row, when I went to forward an e-mail and the “to” box wasn’t already filled out with who I wanted it sent to. Like Yahoo is supposed to read my mind? More sleep or I need to do more than 10 minutes of yoga in the morning…. Sometimes I worry about my sanity.

  13. Cassy says

    what time are you aiming for tomorrow??

    I am going to be on the corner of Palo Verde and Atherton (by the university!) and am hoping to catch a glimpse of you as you speed by me! I’ll cheer extra loud for you!! :)

    lots and lots of luck!!

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