Farmer’s Market Friday


After my morning meeting I hit up the Farmer’s Market right around the corner. I cannot resist those green plums and bought (and ate!) three of them right away. I also picked up the biggest head of romaine I’ve ever seen!!! Yes, I’m trying something different with my hair. And yes, I would like you to send me a bottle of frizz tamer because this ish is outta control. Don’t … [Read more...]

Race Day Check List


Happy Friday! Today is  my last run before the marathon I warmed up with a little cat dancing. Then, took off for 3 miles. I kept the pace up, but not on purpose – I think it’s jitters that kept me going! I always say I can’t do tempo or speed runs because I don’t tell my body how fast to go – it tells me. So I’m not positive what to expect on race day. I know I’ll try. … [Read more...]