Farmer’s Market Friday

After my morning meeting I hit up the Farmer’s Market right around the corner. I cannot resist those green plums and bought (and ate!) three of them right away. IMG 0258 800x600 thumb Farmer’s Market Friday

I also picked up the biggest head of romaine I’ve ever seen!!! IMG 0257 800x600 thumb Farmer’s Market Friday

Yes, I’m trying something different with my hair. And yes, I would like you to send me a bottle of frizz tamer because this ish is outta control. Don’t get too close I think my hair is starting to take prisoners. IMG 0247 600x800 thumb Farmer’s Market Friday

I used the romaine for lunch. Maybe I shoulda washed it, maybe bugs are good protein. One of those. IMG 0263 800x600 thumb Farmer’s Market Friday

I also stocked up on other veggie essentials. I’m pretty excited about that big zucchini! I’m starting to get “over” raw veggies in favor of cooked ones now that Fall is slowly arriving. IMG 0267 600x800 thumb Farmer’s Market Friday

Speaking of suggestive shaped veggies… have you seen this commercial?

Ben came home for lunch and always packs a PB&J for an afternoon snack. Oddly, a red-headed mouse took a bite out of it! He was sad. IMG 0269 600x800 thumb Farmer’s Market Friday

That mouse moose packed up and headed to her mom’s with a big cup of iced coffee. IMG 0273 600x800 thumb Farmer’s Market Friday

I’m watching my little brother, Matt, this weekend because my mom and dad are headed to Vegas. Lucky. IMG 0279 600x800 thumb Farmer’s Market Friday

She bribed me with Halloween socks and a Yogurtland gift card. I can be bought (let me know if you need my address).IMG 0277 600x800 thumb Farmer’s Market Friday

Thank you so much for all the support and vote for my Shape Magazine nomination. The voting continues through Oct. 28th here. So, anytime I’m not particularly getting on your nerves I’d appreciate a nod wlEmoticon smile5 Farmer’s Market Friday


  1. says

    I vote yes on the hair. And the socks. Awesomeness all around. I never did get my Oreos, but I haven’t killed anyone. I was satisfied with a peanut butter cookie the size of my giant Italian head.

  2. Lindsay says

    I LOVE the hair!! Wavy is so in. Keep doing that! And I didn’t even know you could get Yogurtland giftcards..Um. Can you say stocking stuffer….for myself.

  3. Shannon says

    I recently discovered your blog and I am loving it! I’m curious about your journey with intuitive eating. I’ve been trying it and I have a coach (I never thought I’d need a coach to teach me how to eat), but it’s so hard. As a chronic dieter and former weight watcher member, my sense of hunger is so warped. I think I’m ALWAYS hungry and never full unless I’m REALLY REALLY full. Like stuffed. Does it get easier? Please tell me it does. And mean it. ;-)

  4. says

    Your hair looks good! You know i take bites of my hubby’s food too to check for poison ;P lol…
    Btw, your mom looks great. She looks like she lost a bit of weight. Is she still on WW? Matts like yeah….party time!
    Target has some cute halloween soft fuzzy socks. I got some orange, white and yellow candy corn socks last week from Target for like $5.

  5. says

    Oh yeah, you should definitely wash the lettuce. I always have to with the organic red/green leaf I get in my produce box otherwise it’s quite…crunchy. Not so much bugs, but lots of dirt.

    And enjoy that yogurtland gift card! Pre-fuel for the marathon, right?!

  6. says

    The color of your hair is so pretty!
    I’m also jealous of your market finds. I’m getting ready for the Fall markets to open now..but we’re still in that odd time between Summer weather and Fall so no luck yet!

  7. Emily G says

    I am also not a super great produce washer. There was a story on NPR recently (I think it was actually on Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me) to the effect of: people in the future may be eating bugs as a sustainable protein. So, really, you’re just on the cutting edge of that new protein source. Cheers!

    Have a great race & enjoy your Yogurtland.

  8. says

    I actually really like your hair! Playing around with different styles can be fun.

    Okay, that was quite a disturbing commercial. What’s more disturbing is that I had to watch it twice before I realized what was going on because I was only half paying attention to it the first time. Oh dear ;)

  9. Laurie says

    I love your hair!!! So pretty!! I love those socks your Mom got for you! Do you know where she got them? I’m kinda obsess with Vampire Dairies right now…………….:)

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