Race Day Check List

Happy Friday! Today is  my last run before the marathon wlEmoticon smile4 Race Day Check ListIMG 0232 800x600 thumb Race Day Check List

I warmed up with a little cat dancing.

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Then, took off for 3 miles. I kept the pace up, but not on purpose – I think it’s jitters that kept me going! I always say I can’t do tempo or speed runs because I don’t tell my body how fast to go – it tells me. So I’m not positive what to expect on race day. I know I’ll try. IMG 0240 800x600 thumb Race Day Check List

I’m in a rush because I have my monthly meeting with my boss this morning so I chugged the last of the OJ from the carton. I went through this juice fast, but I was sick so I had to wlEmoticon winkingsmile6 Race Day Check List All the cool weird people drink their calories this week.IMG 0242 600x800 thumb Race Day Check List

IMG 0175 800x533 thumb1 Race Day Check List

Every race I always have anxiety I’m forgetting something so I finally put together a race day check list. Here it is for you to use too (let me know if I forgot anything!).

Race Day Checklist
Sports bra
Garmin (and charger)
Sweat paper/tissue
Gels or Chews
Bib and pins
Shoe tag
Fuel belt or carry
Rubberbands/hair clips

Vaseline/Body Glide

Throw away shirt/old space blanket
Plastic Bag
Change of clothes
Flip flops or boots

Baby Wipes

Gatorade and Snacks in car (a piece of cake perhaps)

Here is the printable link – Race Day Checklist

Flashback Friday – Last year around this time I did my last 5k training run before Long Beach. This makes me realize I need to change things up in my life! Stay tuned logged in for that.

SHAPE magazine Blogger Awards thumb Race Day Check List

I am  nominated for the Shape Magazine Top Weight loss blog and would really appreciate your vote. You can vote here for “Run Eat Repeat” it’s kinda down a bit on the list. Thank you very much.


  1. says

    Good luck on your race!! I am always so impressed by your dedication and how fast you are… you’re such a normal person with a normal life (or else you have us all fooled :)), and yet here you are, running, like, MARATHONS. very cool.

  2. says

    It’s good to see safety pins on your check list. After not grabbing them at packet pick up for the Disney Marathon, I had to buy two sewing kits in the hotel gift shop. There were two in each pack, so my husband and I only had two each for our bibs, but it worked okay. And, it only cost $8. I’ll NEVER forget them now.

  3. says

    Oh i’m a huge fan of baby wipes also…just in general, not necessarily for running, haha! didn’t see water on your list??? Saw Gatorade though for sure! :)

    I voted for ya for the poll…

    Have a fantastic race!! :)

  4. says

    I didn’t even think of a checklist so thank you for this! We are staying away from home the night before the race so hopefully I don’t forget anything.

    I watched Spirit of the Marathon last night and now all I want to do is RUN! Thanks for telling me about it :)

    Best of luck at your race! And congrats on your nomination – you deserve it!

  5. says

    I run my races with music, so I’d add Shuffle/Nano charged and loaded with a decent playlist plus headphones. For LB specifically: pre-paid parking permit. Other races: shuttle confirmation/reservation!

    It also helps me to make my breakfast (PB & banana) sandwich the night before the marathon.

  6. says

    Oh my gosh this came at the perfect time! I’m running my first marathon on Sunday and am having serious pre-race jitters. I will definitely be using this as I pack my bag tonight!

      • says

        Ah, okay. I thought sweat towels might be some fancy gear I didn’t know about. Don’t worry Monica, no one sweats more than I do. I never bring tissues with me because they just melt onto my skin. I will definitely try paper towels during my half tomorrow. Kick ass in your marathon!

  7. says

    My body dictates my pace too…and it is all over the freakin’ place! So glad your list has safety pins on it, I forgot those for my 2nd 5k and had to beg a hs track coach for some…she gave me such a disapproving look as she handed 2 over and told me I should have planned ahead. LOL Live and learn.

  8. Laura @ Backstage Balance says

    GOOD LUCK Monica! I’m so excited for you!
    I ran my marathon last Sunday and it was the coolest experience I could have asked for :-)

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