Carb loading with Salty Carbs

“No one interrupt me, I’m carb loading!” <- Me. Today. (While it is the day before the race, I may or may not say this on a daily basis…)IMG_0326 (800x533)

I get a lot of questions about what I recommend eating before a long run or race. I hesitate recommending anything specific because I know we all have different tastes and reactions to foods. I’d hate to steer someone wrong so make sure to test out what works for you before race day.

Personally, I swear by salty carbs. The easiest way for me to get this is rice and tons of soy sauce. But you can also eat bread with butter and salt. I eat this because I’m a salty sweat-er so the added sodium helps me. I know some try to stay away from salt, but I pour it on!IMG_0327 (800x533)

I didn’t salt my watermelon because I think that’s gross. But you may think drinking soy sauce straight from the bottle is gross. To each their own.IMG_0330 (800x533)

After watching me chug soy sauce, Vegas wouldn’t even look me in the eye. Don’t judge me cat.IMG_0336 (533x800)

For lunch I stole some of Ben’s pizza while cooking up my early dinner.IMG_0322 (800x600)

Random occurrence of the day – I got a piece of cake at the store for customer appreciation day! Yeah! Cake is carbs!cake is carbs

Now I’m relaxing while watching T.V. I should get my gear ready too!some e card marathon

I will update everyone on the race tomorrow afternoon. If I die Ben will update you the blog and give me a proper burial at sea (read: drag my sweaty carcass into the Pacific). But, don’t forget I’m on the west coast so it won’t be until mid-afternoon. Thanks!

Question: What do you prefer – Rice, Bread, Cereal or Oatmeal? Vote.


  1. Leslie says

    Do I have to chose? I believe “no carb should be left behind”. Have a great race! Look forward to the recap.

  2. Lindsay says

    CEREAL is my vice! I mix all my cereals together and eat at least two huge bowls at a time….I can’t get enough. Good luck running your race tomorrow! I’m rooting for you!

  3. says

    Don’t die! Plus, I’m sure your husband wouldn’t drag you in to the ocean. I’m sure he’d have the decency to carry you.

    I’m a super salty sweater. I’ve been loading up on bread, pasta and salty nuts.

  4. says

    Good luck manana! I definitely love a big bowl of pasta more than any other carb. I know a lot of ppl like PB before a long run/race, but it makes me have to go to the bathroom!

  5. Eileen says

    Bread–no question.

    You are gonna ROCK this race, Monica!! I will be sending you all kinds of good vibes for a drama free and fast race! :-)

  6. Sarah K B says

    Good luck tomorrow! I am positive you will rock it!

    Don’t make me choose which carb I love most, it is too difficult, I love them all equally!

  7. Jennifer says

    Good luck today!!! I thought of you as I was busting out my last long run before taper time. I don’t know how you do multiple marathons a year….I’m stressing about finishing my first one! Anyway-looking forward to reading your recap!

  8. heatherfeather says

    Goooo Monica! Excited to see how it goes….I have to say I do love a tortilla (guess it’s that Houston influence!) !!!

  9. says

    Nice to see a normal human being! Some good tips about the salt, im a salty sweater too.

    I also agree you should eat whatever is best for you, and that may not be right for everyone.

    Thanks for sharing,


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