Long Beach Marathon Expo 2011

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Yesterday afternoon I picked up my little brother (who is staying with us all weekend) and headed to the Long Beach Marathon Expo. This place always feels very nice and familiar to me because I’ve attended so many times! Even before running half marys/the blog/Ben/etc I did the bike 26.2 with my ex. Since then I’ve also run the half a few times and full once.IMG_0300 (800x600)

I also lived in Long Beach for a year post-college so it just feels good to be back. Matt and I picked up my packet and enjoyed the free samples and fun stuff.IMG_0289 (800x600)

IMG_0281 (800x600)IMG_0284 (800x600)IMG_0285 (800x600)

We signed the Jet Blue sign…IMG_0293 (800x600)

IMG_0296 (800x600)

RoadRunner Sports always has a booth at this expo with “once worns” – shoes that have been worn once, but returned. They save ‘em up and sell them at the expo for $50! IMG_0319 (800x600)

I scored a pair of Brooks Ghost 4s!!! I die. Unfortunately, I did not get the other shoes I ordered in time to break them in and I’m wearing old shoes for the race.

The Long Beach Marathon tech shirts are pretty cute. I appreciate that they’re not  completely covered in ads.IMG_0317 (600x800)

I also appreciate that expos are giving out reusable bags now.IMG_0303 (800x600)

Finally, I appreciate having my little brother with me so I have someone to take a picture of my race bag, even if it takes 32 minutes to figure it out. IMG_0305 (600x800)

IMG_0306 (600x800)

Matt and I hit the worst traffic home and ended up hitting up a drive-thru for dinner. I got the boys burgers and a big order of fried zucchini for everyone to share. I partook. I partook big time.IMG_0308 (800x600)

I also had a salad with real ranch (amazing) and egg.IMG_0310 (800x600)

Then, I rushed out the door for a blogger meet up at Yogurtland!IMG_0312 (800x600)

Pretty.Fast.Girls. = Emily, Heather, Katie, Sarah, SR IMG_0314 (800x600)

Seriously, these girls are gorgeous and amazing runners! I don’t know why they let me hang out with them, but I’ll take it! We talked running and other less important topics until it was too cold to stand being outside.

This morning I woke up with a smile because it is TIME TO CARB LOAD. Today is the reason I run. According to the experts (or the one Runner’s World Article I read) I MUST eat 95% carbs today.

I started with a Pumpkin Spice waffle (taken from my mom’s) – I expected to be disappointed, but they’re really good!eggo pumpkin spice waffles(image source)

I also made pumpkin French Toast topped with PB& loads of chia seeds.IMG_0229 (533x800)

IMG_0232 (800x533)

I’m not skimping on those magic seeds today!IMG_0234 (800x533)

Okay, I gotta get back to carb loading! See ya in a bit Smile


  1. says

    I’m bummed that I missed the meet-up last night, I worked late and hit terrible traffic, too :(

    I’m excited for tomorrow, have fun carbo loading…I’ve got a loaf of pumpkin bread that I plan on stuffing my face with today in preparation for tomorrow’s half 😉

  2. says

    Monica, you are just as beautiful and talented as they are. And no, I’m not a creeper. I promise! Don’t sell yourself short!
    Good luck tomorrow!!

  3. says

    Yay! I went to the expo yesterday too, lol. I saw your name on the list of all the bib numbers which confirmed to me you’re a real person not a robot or made up imaginary computer internet person 😉
    I bought one of those EFX braclets too..better work for how expensive they are! Oh and the on sale shirts, I dug through the pile until I found one in my size that says “In my Dreams I am a Kenyan”. >8D. My first expo and it was pretty nice! I want to either go for the Beach Bum thing or the three cities medal..which means at least three more marathons! hehe..Now to rest and continue on with carbs..

  4. says

    You always find the good pumpkin spice foods! Those waffles look good – I’ll have to look for them. Have you tried the Planters pumpkin spice almonds? They’re awesome.
    Good luck tomorrow. What an awesome accomplishment!!

  5. says

    Yup, just freaked out when I saw those pumpkin spice waffles and told my friend right next to me all about them. We’re now planning a Wegmans trip tonight to hunt them down. And we don’t have a toaster in our dorm, but hey, minor details. We’ll make it work :)

  6. says

    ROCK it tomorrow!!!!

    How cute Matt is staying with you guys for the weekend! Looks like he loved the expo ; )

    Those pumpkin spice waffles are GOOD! We have them here too! Mike eats one every night! You need to try pumpkin pop tarts! So amazing!

    Good luck tomorrow!

    Love your hair!

  7. Tycodmom says

    I usually don’t post, but I have to say a) Good luck. I have several friends running this today. b) Did you have to put the fried zuchinni photo up? I used to live in Lakewood and worked in Long Beach. Pete’s Patio was my favorite place to go for pastrami samis and fried zuchinni. They don’t have greasy burger stands like that in Vegas (where I lived next) or Colorado (where I live now) and every time I go “home” (born and raised in Cali) I have to stop for this wicked food. Now, I feel I must make the pilgrimage back for some good ole down home greasy food.

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