Sub-Four Done and Dying

I did it. Barely. IMG_0372 (800x533)

Long Beach Marathon 2011 – 3:59:54image

It was brutal. Recap coming later Smile


  1. Eileen says

    WHOO-HOO!!!!!!!!!!! You did it!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!! I couldn’t stop thinking of you all morning–I went for a bike ride and every runner I passed I sent you a positive thought. Enjoy the recovery!

  2. carrie says

    BAD-ASSSSS!!!!! i woke up this morning thinking of you…so proud of you!!!! you are my motivation for NYC in 27 days! enjoy refueling on fro-yo!

  3. Cid29 says

    Congratulations Lady! So proud of you! I’ve been thinking about you and hoping your getting some very much needed rest. <3

  4. says

    Brutal indeed. Too bad we didn’t get the June gloom like weather like last year. Congrats! Glad to see someone met their goals.

    I looked for you during the out and back portions, but I probably missed you when I started walking through CSULB.

  5. Nicole says

    WHOOOHOOO!! Great job!! I think you need an extra large cup of Yogurtland and a garden shovel (no wimpy spoons today!) to celebrate!

    Thanks for giving us the inside scoop on your training! I’ve enjoyed reading it!!

  6. says

    Even though you felt awful… I feel inspired! You TOTALLY pushed yourself for your goal! Something I will remember in my last few painful miles!!

  7. Christina says

    I honestly had the SAME time 3:59:54 when I tried for a sub 4 at the NJ marathon last May! Great job! My goal for Marine Corps at the end of the month is to hold a steady 9 minute pace so I don’t have to run for my life as I cross the finish line to be sub 4 again :)

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