This May be a Sign and Marathon News

Random Running Tip – I sometimes hold on to those space blankets they give you after a race. No, I don’t make Ben use them to sleep with (even though he does steal the covers!). I fold them up and sometimes use them as a throw away warm-up blanket before my next race. Yesterday I used an old sweatshirt that was on it’s last hole-y leg.IMG 0328 800x600 thumb This May be a Sign and Marathon News

This afternoon I was about to go to the store, but my car wouldn’t start?! I had to call AAA to save the day. I think it was a sign I needed to stay home and relax wlEmoticon smile9 This May be a Sign and Marathon NewsIMG 0337 800x600 thumb This May be a Sign and Marathon News

A new car battery and $100+ later, I hit up Trader Joes hoping to get my hands on some pumpkin butter. It’s my favorite seasonal item (and that’s saying a lot with all the goodies they have)!!!

But, they don’t have it in yet. Boo.

I think it was a sign I need to enjoy their pumpkin cream cheese for the time being.IMG 0336 600x800 thumb This May be a Sign and Marathon News

So, the running shoes I ordered for the marathon finally arrived! Day late, dollar short seems to be the story of my life today.IMG 0332 800x600 thumb This May be a Sign and Marathon News

But, this may be a sign I shouldn’t give up on running just yet…

My legs need more rest, but I am excited to take these green Ghosts for a run! Someday.IMG 0334 600x800 thumb This May be a Sign and Marathon News

I ran the Long Beach Marathon, but the Chicago Marathon dominated the news. Which is odd because everyone around here thinks California is the center of the universe…california map thumb This May be a Sign and Marathon News

Anyways, I wanted to share some Chicago Marathon news from the weekend.

The saddest news is  a 35-year-old firefighter died while running Chicago yesterday.

And the world’s most amazing woman gave birth yesterday after completing the Chicago Marathon. I don’t want to do either of those things, let alone do them on the same day!

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  1. says

    Not to be a tease, but they had pumpkin butter at my TJs yesterday. I thought they’d stock this everywhere at the same time!

    That preggo chick is crazy! I plan to run throughout my pregnancy, but I couldn’t imagine doing 26.2 miles with a baby on board. No free rides here!

  2. says

    I would probably give up marathoning if the pregnant lady beat me. No, I would definitely give it up.

    And don’t give up on running! There are always other races! And other fun enjoyable running activities!

  3. says

    I live in a Chicago suburb and just heard those 2 things today! So sad about the guy who died, and the last guy that died was in 2007 and he was a police officer. So sad.

    I can’t believe that a pregnant women ran the race! Crazy. At least she didn’t have the baby during the marathon…

    I have to try that pumpkin cream cheese. Looks yummy!

  4. says

    Oh days like this are the worst and they seem to go on forever! I’m glad you got your new running shoes though. That definitely saves the day.

  5. says

    Oh my gosh, how terrible!!! I can’t believe that poor man lost his life trying to raise money to save others lives. And I can’t believe that woman gave birth!! I didn’t read the story yet but gosh, I hope she wasn’t 9 months preggo running for 4 hours. That would have turned some heads.

  6. says

    My brother just showed me the link to the news about the birth and firefighter. It’s amazingly happy and sad at the same time. Although, you can look at it as one life leaving this world and another entering.

  7. says

    The man that died was a firefighter from our city, here in Greensboro NC. All over the news here. And I just saw the story about the woman giving birth. Has sparked quite the debate about pregnancy and exercise, using Paula Radcliff as the example. They could use Kara Goucher as well. However, both ended up with stress fractures after they gave birth.

    The Kidless Kronicles

    • says

      I’m conflicted on the topic. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. But, just because most people don’t do something doesn’t mean you shouldn’t… I don’t know.

  8. says

    Dead battery for you, too? Hubby’s car wouldn’t start yesterday — same problem. Boo!

    Anything pumpkin is AWESOME. It’s like a little bit of Thanksgiving every day. :)

    As for Chicago… such sad news for the first story, and such incredible news for the second!

  9. Aleks says

    A college classmate of mine died during the Baltimore Marathon in 2009 (2 years ago yesterday). He was just 23… He collapsed at 25 miles, past the last medical station, while his family waited for him at the finish line. Life is so fragile…

  10. Kristine says

    That pumpkin cream cheese is amazing. I bought it last week and have pretty much eaten it on an english muffin every morning since. I had to hide it from my husband because I’m pretty sure he would’ve eaten it by the spoonful and it’d be gone by now. Enjoy!

  11. says

    How are you liking the ghosts? Did you try them on before you ordered them?
    I’m running in defyance 3s right now, but I liked the 2s much better. I’ve read that the ghosts are basically the same shoe, but the toe points up a bit instead of being straight. Can you offer any input on what that means?
    I have a pretty short stride, which is fine but I’ve noticed I don’t pick my feet up a whole lot. I wonder what that’s all about…I’ve actually tripped thinking I was stepping over a curb before. And I thought running was a safe sport.

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