Pumpkin Ice Cream and Soreness


I sampled TJ’s pumpkin ice cream the other day and wasthisclose to buying it. My freezer is already over flowing so I opted out. But, I was on a mission for pumpkin ice cream so I made my own… I mixed Oikos frozen yogurt with pumpkin, splenda, pumpkin pie spice and a splash of milk. Blend. Add toppings. I put it back in the fro-yo container for fun. Jacky from Jax House left … [Read more...]

82 Days Left in 2011


Yesterday on my failed pumpkin butter expedition I picked up an new-to-me bar of TJ’s dark chocolate. This thing comes with 2 bars inside – love that. One for you, one for me.It’s super dark and decadent. The bars are on the thin side, which I appreciate because it seems like more, ya know? ******************************** Yesterday was all about rest, recovery and life … [Read more...]

Two Toasts


Yesterday I was pleasantly surprised to see I bought Brussel Sprouts over the weekend! Yes my favorite cooked veggie is back! I found it odd that the package says “Serves 11” right on the front. I’d say they overestimated that by about 9… My Roasted Brussels Sprout Recipe: 1. Heat oven to 400 2. Cut b ‘sprouts in half. Place in pan coated with olive oil. 3. Spray with a … [Read more...]