82 Days Left in 2011

Yesterday on my failed pumpkin butter expedition I picked up an new-to-me bar of TJ’s dark chocolate. This thing comes with 2 bars inside – love that. IMG_0482 (533x800)

One for you, one for me.IMG_0483 (800x533)It’s super dark and decadent. The bars are on the thin side, which I appreciate because it seems like more, ya know?IMG_0486 (800x533)


Yesterday was all about rest, recovery and life contemplation. I have three big goals for 2011 and managed to cross one off the list on Sunday Winking smile

Yes, running a sub-4 hour marathon was #1 on my list. And even though I barely did it, I did it. Emily from Sweat Once a Day managed to capture a picture around 20-something. Note: I’m not smiling, I’m gritting my teeth through the pain…marathons are painful

And now I have to focus on my other goals. I made a bunch of 2011 Resolutions, but my main three goals were a good Marathon, Weight loss,  and Improve RER.

It’s time to get serious and honest with myself. There are only 82 days left in the year and I want to use them wisely. I don’t need to complete my goals 100% to feel successful, but I want to end the year feeling like I really tried.2011 goals

A week ago I mentioned a doing a 90 day challenge for the end of the year, but opted to focus on the marathon first. Now I have 82 days to work with and I will Smile

I know making goals S.M.A.R.T. is the key to success, so I’m revamping them a bit to make them more Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic/Relevant and Time Sensitive.

For the weight loss goal I will not snack at night and strength training 3x a week. The night time snacking thing is something that goes back since high school, so it’s a very tough one for me. If I get through the rest of the year without it I will be beyond proud of myself. That alone is my measure of success, but I will update the weight loss page once a week through the end of the year.

I also have a few races coming up(!) and will do at least 1 speed or tempo session each week (starting next week sometime for recovery).IMG_0490 (533x800)

For the blog improvement goal I’m going to try and suck less.

Also, I am coordinating the annual Pile on the Mile Challenge this year (announcement later this week). I really hope it turns into an opportunity for us all to help each other stay positive and healthy in November.

So there are my goals and plan of action for the rest of year – did you make 2011 goals? Have you checked in with them lately?


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    Good luck on your goals. You’re always so motivated!
    Nighttime snacking is always really hard for me too. I am so busy all day and then at night I just want to eat and eat.
    I am also going to try harder with nighttime snacking – thanks for the motivation!

  2. says

    Good luck attaining your goals–I’ll be rooting for you! :) All of my goals for 2011–athletic and personal–sort of went out the window when I broke my foot and then got engaged! Now, I am focusing on getting myself back into racing shape, enjoying every second of my engagement, and working with my fiance to plan our wedding. My goals for 2011 are:

    * run the US Half Marathon next month and not worry about pace!
    * strength train 2x per week
    * spend as much quality time with my (busy!) fiance as I can!

    Most importantly, my goal is to have fun with the unexpected joys and challenges that have popped up recently in my life!

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    My 2011 goal (singular…because I’m lazy :)) was to run a half marathon, which I completed. I tend to find little things throughout the year that I make goals out of instead of setting too many new year’s resolution goals. Seems to suit me better.

  4. says

    The sub 4 is a huge accomplishment. There’s no “barely” in there, you did it no matter the delta.

    This year has been a crazy one for change for me and it is about to get a whole different level of crazy, so I’m just going with the flow for right now. Although, the after dinner snacking must stop for me. It’s the only reason I carry extra weight.

    Good luck on your goals.

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    These are awesome goals! I agree with Sana – where the heck as time gone? Crazyyy. You should be SO proud about your sub 4 hour marathon! Such a huge accomplishment.

  6. says

    I am with Sana and Brittany – is it almost 2012 already????? Umm… wow.

    My 2011 goals are a distant memory now, and I am working on determining what my 2012 goals will be. I hope to be part of Pile on the Miles this year, though!

  7. says

    Yeah, I’ve made a lot of goals for this year but haven’t really done any. I volunteered at one race, did maybe a day or two of yoga and I haven’t strength trained near enough as I should. I need to get on top of these things!

    Congrats on making one of your goals!! Here’s to the next 82 days! :-)

  8. says

    Long time reader, first time commenter. On goals; This year I ran my first half marathon, first full marathon and am 3 weeks away from my first sprint tri. 2011 has been a crazy fitness goal year – and I want to do it all again next year!

    Where can I find that sub 25min 5k plan?

  9. says

    I think that running a sub 4 marathon is amazing! That is such an accomplishment. I think I have done very well with my goals for 2011.
    – lose weight (56 pounds lost)
    – run a half marathon (ran very first one on October 1st)
    – be healthy (daily struggle)

  10. says

    I really want to be able to do a pull up by the end of the year. I have a bum ankle right now, but I hope it’s better for Pile on the Miles- sounds really fun!

  11. says

    I hope I feel as good after my marathon as you sound after yours :)

    I did something a little different with my goals this year and it’s working for me. Instead of specifics (like finish a marathon..which is my only specific goal), I really needed some goals to focus on my mental and emotional states of mind. I finally figured out that I was stuck in a physical rut because my mind and heart were just dying inside. It took some devastating lessons to realize there is more to me than just running and I need to face what I’m running from. 82 days left. Let’s make them the best ones of the year :) Love your blog. I found it from a site that I’m not crazy proud to say I visited but I’m glad I found it!

  12. Caroline S says

    I love your blog and don’t comment often but just wanted to say that your goals are great (and I make the same for myself) but I think you are beautiful and perfect how you are! You don’t need to lose anymore weight! You eat healthy foods and exercise daily! You should make a goal be to love how you are and appreciate all of your hard work!

  13. says

    Can’t believe we’re already ending up the year! I know it’s awhile away still, but it feels so close. Your goals seem very reasonable and attainable. I don’t really make goals for myself, but maybe I should!

  14. says

    I love the “SMART” way to think about goals. I just sat down yesterday and wrote out a list of goals for the next few months. I find having them on paper in front of me really helps to visualize meeting them. I like to have a general goal and them list all of the things I can do to meet the goal. Good luck!

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    Monica, your blog never sucks!
    I cannot believe the year is almost over. I accomplished my goal to train for and complete a half marathon without injury! Yee-ha. I am still working on my goal to cook more exciting recipes…I go back and forth between weeks where I make 5 new recipes and weeks where I pull random stuff out of the produce drawer and freezer and call it dinner. I’m need more balance. Another goal was to be more easy going. I definitely sweat the small stuff – but I don’t think that was good for a 1 year goal, it is a slow process.
    Thanks for the idea to reassess, I’m going to dig out the list I made last January – I know I had more on it.

  16. says

    shared this post with a bestie of mine b/c it absolutely speaks to me. thank you for all these insightful/honest posts monica.

    my eating/exercising the past month has been loatheful and the thought of hopping back on the wagon “forever” has been daunting. but hell yes, i can do awesomeness for the rest of the year!!! i’m so on board with this challenge. and my goals are definitely “smart”.

  17. says

    Congrats!!!! And ummm that dark chocolate looks heavenly. Yum!

    I can’t believe there’s 82 days left of this year- it’s flown by! Nighttime snacking is something I’ve definitely struggled with and in college it only has gotten worse. I also need to strength train 3x a week…so perhaps I’ll take your smart goals and implement them as well! :)

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