Pumpkin Ice Cream and Soreness

I sampled TJ’s pumpkin ice cream the other day and wasthisclose to buying it. My freezer is already over flowing so I opted out. But, I was on a mission for pumpkin ice cream so I made my own…IMG_0498 (800x533)

I mixed Oikos frozen yogurt with pumpkin, splenda, pumpkin pie spice and a splash of milk. Blend. Add toppings.IMG_0497 (800x533)

I put it back in the fro-yo container for fun.IMG_0501 (533x800)

Jacky from Jax House left a link to this video in the comments this morning. It’s called “The Day After the Marathon” and I can totally appreciate it. Ben always asks me if I’m sore after my long training runs and I never am. Well, I’m sore today (and was pretty tragic yesterday)! Makes me think I don’t run hard often enough.

Who cares what some random blogger (read: me) eats?! Let’s check out what Michelle Obama eats here!image

See ya later Smile


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    Looks pretty good to me! And good thinking about putting it back in the carton–it just tastes better that way!

    I get a kick out of how worked up the media gets over Michelle Obama’s eating habits (“LET’S SEE IF SHE EATS PERFECTLY EVERY SECOND OF EVERY DAY JUST BECAUSE SHE PROMOTES HEALTHY EATING!”). Uhh, hello media, no one is perfect and part of healthy eating is having some fun in moderation. I’m glad to see that Michelle isn’t afraid to be “caught” having less-than-healthy choices once in a blue moon!

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    I think you had the right idea of making your own pumpkin ice cream… not only more economical and space saving… but probably way more nutritious too! Awesome idea :)

    I sometimes think I am not working hard enough If I don’t feel a little sore…. But really I think if your long runs feel great, and you are happy with your time and you’re not sore that would tell me you’re in great shape…. and does not mean you’re not working your body hard but pushing yourself beyond your current limits will make you sore… I still think you are working hard on on your runs currently!

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    hahaha that video is basically spot on. i love the bloody nipples at the end. the worst part about being sore for me is sitting…i.e., going to the bathroom is really hard. hahah

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    I am so sore from my half on the weekend and thought it was strange because I never felt like this at all during my training. It was only 3 extra miles than my last long run the weekend before yet I feel like I ran the entire marathon! Must be the mad sprint I did at the end :)

    I’m hoping hockey works out the kinks tonight. Either that or I’m going to be in a whole new world of hurt tomorrow. My bets are on the latter.

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