Two Toasts

Yesterday I was pleasantly surprised to see I bought Brussel Sprouts over the weekend! Yes my favorite cooked veggie is back!IMG_0418 (800x533)

I found it odd that the package says “Serves 11” right on the front. I’d say they overestimated that by about 9…IMG_0420 (800x533)

My Roasted Brussels Sprout Recipe:

1. Heat oven to 400

2. Cut b ‘sprouts in half. Place in pan coated with olive oil.

3. Spray with a bit more oil. Season. Toss to coat. I threw on some onion I had in the fridge, it’s optional.IMG_0442 (800x533)

4. Roast for 30-40 minutes depending on patience and preference.IMG_0443 (800x533)

I also made a crockpot roast because Ben loves me significantly more when I make this for him. That’s a potato covered in ketchup.IMG_0446 (800x533)

I rarely drink mid-week, but the marathon was a cause for celebration! IMG_0452 (533x800)

Then, Ben plopped a piece of cheesy sourdough toast on my plate! That man does not skimp on cheese and butter. It’s amazing.IMG_0454 (800x533)

Two toasts to my marathon being done!!!IMG_0460 (800x533)


After the marathon I didn’t feel up to going out to eat so we kept it low key. (Honestly, I didn’t feel like continuing to breathe, but that’s neither here nor there.) Last night my need for Yogurtland made me get over the laziness and get outta the house. IMG_0463 (800x600)

I was so happy about my treat I’m pretty sure the Yogurtland worker thought I was either foreign or drunk. IMG_0462 (600x800)

I stayed up late last night watching random T.V. and doing research for a few things. This morning I woke up without a plan – no exercise plan, no life plan, no planned parenthood. Since I’m a morning exerciser it’s weird to eat breakfast before anything else…

But I managed Winking smileIMG_0468 (800x533)

Toast with Pumpkin Cream Cheese and PB&J/Banana on the other.IMG_0471 (800x533)

Exercise:  I think I’ll take a short walk to shake my legs out and spend some good time stretching. I don’t go into work until this afternoon, but I have 2 freelance articles due this week.

I’m doing an Ask a Monican about the Marathon and training this week – send me questions to runeatrepeat at gmail or put them in the comments.

Question: Do you decorate your house for Fall (or Halloween)?

Seeing a few neighbors decorations makes me want to!


  1. Mendy says

    Marathon question: What was on your playlist while you ran?

    Interesting tidbit: Whenever I type Marathon….I accidentally put a g on the end most times. Marathong. So I have to back up and delete the g. I think this may say something about me but I don’t dwell. lol

  2. says

    I just bought a few decorations! We just bought our house so I had never really decorated for the holidays before but I am loving it this year! There is a lot of tacky decorations out there so I’m trying to not fall into the tacky-trap!

  3. says

    When you are at the start, with 4 hours of running ahead of you, what do you tell yourself? When you are at mile 20 and your body wants a break, what goes through your mind? And finally did you decide on a pace plan or did you go by feel? Its so hard to know how easy or hard to start in order to have some gas in the tank at then end. Thanks Monica- GREAT job btw!

  4. says

    I love brussel sprouts (hated them when I was a kid) and they’re so good roasted. Seriously, 11 servings in that bag? Ha! Have you ever tried TJ’s microwaveable b’sprouts? They’re lightly seasoned and pretty good.

    I’m horrible about fall decorations but I go nuts for Xmas. Love the holidays!

  5. says

    I too am a brussell fiend. My mom and I also go through a whole bag. The only reason there are ever leftovers is if we simply can’t fit any more fiber into our bodies.

  6. says

    Brussels sprouts are my favorite veggie!
    I do some decorating, a wreath on the door, pumpkins on the porch and a few fall decor items inside -but I save most of my decorating for Christmas!!

  7. says

    Question: I remember you said something about starting out too fast when you ran your marathon…on my totally-lame-by-comparison “long” runs of about 4-5 miles I always start out too fast and then I run out of breath and have to walk for awhile…what do you do to slow yourself down?

    I don’t decorate, but since my neighbors suck at giving kids candy I sit outside on a stool with a jack-o-lantern full of candy and hand it out to the kids…I count it as my community service haha! :)

  8. says

    I seriously laughed out loud at the yogurt worker thinking you were foreign or drunk. Sometimes people just don’t get you when your passionate about eating.

    I decorate my house for fall and Halloween. Fall is my favorite season, so I go all out. I have a post about my decorating skills on my blog if you’re interested. In saying that, I just felt like one of those mothers who wants to show everyone pics of their kids, even though no one cares. But seriously, my decorations are cool.

  9. says

    When my husband and I first started dating he was a produce manager. One day when he came for a visit he brought me a bag of brussel sprouts – forget flowers! That was when I knew he was “the one” :) Seriously though, he can bring me veggies anytime!

    Marathon question: do you have a difficult time not comparing yourself to the other runners on the course (or in general)?

  10. says

    Seriously every package of vegetables over estimates the serving size! I always split packages between two when they say there are like “4” servings. Ha!

  11. Chelsea C says

    Marathon question: I have ran quite a few halfs and other various distances up to 17. How much harder is a marathon? How do I talk myself into it?? :)

  12. says

    I AM OBSESSED WITH YOUR BLOG! :) I have been following for a few months now, and totally spent weeks backtracking to read almost all of your posts.. creepy? nah. you are just awesome. i voted for your blog for Shape (or was it Self? i forget, but i voted! haha) Blog awards! And you inspired me to start my own healthy living/ running blog… I lost 110 pounds and really wanted to start one, but after reading yours i was so inspired. Awesome job running the marathon.. im a NYCer and dream of being able to run TEN straight miles, let alone 26.2!! I’m up to 6 straight, and 2 days later im STILL hurting!

  13. says

    The one thing that I love putting out during the fall are spiced candles. But apparently our new place doesn’t allow candles. Psh, like they’re gonna find out. 😛

  14. says

    Loving that you instructed to roast “depending on patience”. SO TRUE. That should be included in every recipe!

    My family did decorate our house a bit for Halloween, but we usually ended up doing it the day of (or the day before). Oops! At least we got everything up before the trick-or-treaters came. We’re MUCH more into decorating for Christmas :)

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