Whittier Greenway Trail


I spent the day in my old neighborhood. Luckily, I was wearing my neutral gang colors and didn’t get cut. Kidding, I wasn’t a chola, but Cindy was. I just thought bare eyebrows and brown lipstick was cool. Don’t judge. Since I was around town I picked up my little brother from school. It was snack time and I made him pose with his yogurt. I tried to convince him all the cool … [Read more...]

Coffee at Downtown Disney


This morning I woke up wanting to run, but luckily for my still tired legs I didn’t have time. Nope. Today I had an important coffee date at Disneyland… The Tigger Fan Club was having a meeting and I couldn’t miss it!(image source) Kidding. None other than Mrs. Mama Pea herself was visiting Disneyland this week and I invited myself to meet up with her. Luckily, she was way … [Read more...]