Whittier Greenway Trail

I spent the day in my old neighborhood. Luckily, I was wearing my neutral gang colors and didn’t get cut. Kidding, I wasn’t a chola, but Cindy was. I just thought bare eyebrows and brown lipstick was cool. Don’t judge.MONIC 2 007 thumb Whittier Greenway Trail

Since I was around town I picked up my little brother from school. It was snack time and I made him pose with his yogurt. I tried to convince him all the cool kids do this, but he didn’t buy it. IMG 0502 600x800 thumb Whittier Greenway Trail

IMG 0503 800x600 thumb Whittier Greenway Trail

Then, I did other stuff that’s so amazingly exciting I took 94 pictures. Not really.

My mom and I took a walk during Matt’s soccer practice. We used to walk all the time back in the day. I miss that, but live too far now.IMG 0505 800x600 thumb Whittier Greenway Trail

I had never been to this park before and discovered the Greenway Trail.IMG 0507 800x600 thumb Whittier Greenway Trail

IMG 0508 600x800 thumb Whittier Greenway Trail

There was a quote from the Grapes of Wrath about the wonder that is California. IMG 0509 800x600 thumb Whittier Greenway Trail

Dinner was a mish-mosh bowl of fun – broccoli salad, rice, chicken, salt, butta.IMG 0511 800x600 thumb Whittier Greenway Trail

And my family brought back 36 cases of chocolate covered macadamias from their Hawaii trip this summer. If it was my house these would be gone. Let’s just say tonight this is my house wlEmoticon winkingsmile10 Whittier Greenway TrailIMG 0516 600x800 thumb Whittier Greenway Trail

And since we’re on the topic of my old stomping grounds… I randomly saw this on Facebook this week – my high school prom date is on Millionaire Matchmaker tomorrow night! Crazy right?!


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  1. Tiffany says

    I still have yet to explore the Whittier Greenway Trail, and I live I’m Whittier! Did you see the signs for Whittier’s Spooktacular 5k run/walk for the Saturday before Halloween? Should be interesting!

  2. Anna says

    I will definitely watch Millionaire Matchmaker now. My friend from high school is the next Bachelor, which is also crazy!

  3. Cid29 says

    Is that my chola pose?! HA! For the record we lived in the ghetto…..
    Good for Abe and David :) Abe was Monic’s prom date.

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