Five Fun Food Stuffs


( 1. Since breakfast is the most important and most delicious meal of the day…  50 of the Best Breakfasts Around the World 2. Orange County based Lime Truck won the Great Food Truck Race on the Food Network. Go OC Go! 3. Restaurant in New York serves vegetarians and meat eaters their preference – but it looks exactly the same! (From NPR) 4. Worried … [Read more...]

Marathon Pictures and Ask a Monican


Today I document for you my death. Okay, I didn’t end up dying but it was close there for a second. I received the Brightroom email with my marathon pictures today. I ignored it at first. No one wants to see that. But, then I remembered my enemies probably do. And just in case they read RER I thought I’d share… Mile 9-ish: Smiling when I should be contemplating how to snag … [Read more...]

New Shirt New Shoes New Service


Happy Thursday! Last night I came home to a package of new Run Eat Repeat shirts. Ooshirts offered to send me a few free shirts to try out and I put my RER logo on them. I also got one for Ben and my mom. Now it’s just a matter of talking them into wearing them… I literally got out of bed and put the shirt on, so please excuse the sleepy faced girl… I’m trying to find the … [Read more...]