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Happy Thursday! Last night I came home to a package of new Run Eat Repeat shirts. Ooshirts offered to send me a few free shirts to try out and I put my RER logo on them. I also got one for Ben and my mom. Now it’s just a matter of talking them into wearing them…IMG_0524 (800x600)

I literally got out of bed and put the shirt on, so please excuse the sleepy faced girl…IMG_0522 (800x600)

I’m trying to find the cheapest vendor to make RER shirts – right now they’re available in my Spreadshirt Shop. But, I might switch to Ooshirts. I’ll keep ya posted.

Today my Zero Week Training Plan said I could run again! Even though I was still a little sore yesterday I am itching to run again, so I was excited!!IMG_0533 (800x600)

But, I knew I had to take it slow. When I injured my IT Band after the Disney World Marathon it wasn’t until my first recovery run that it started to hurt. I wanted to be careful and listen to my body so I invited Ben to run with me. This way I would have to do a run/walk. We did half running half walking for 3 miles. My legs feel good (considering the torture I just put them through Sunday) so I think I’m okay to run again tomorrow or Saturday.

I wore my new Long Beach Marathon tech shirt. I’m pretty happy with it.IMG_0531 (800x600)

Last year’s design was very different. I think the grey with blue stripe was more sporty, but kinda hot to wear in the summer.IMG_4797 (800x600)

A big part of the reason I wanted to run again was my new shoes!!! Remember I got the Ghost 3s in green delivered the day after the race?! I’ve been wanting to take them for a spin run ever since.IMG_0534 (800x600)

IMG_0535 (800x600)

Breakfast was very fluffy eggs with Laughing Cow cheese and ketchup / PB&J  and chia toast.IMG_0540 (800x600)

Question: What is your favorite afternoon snack?

I used to make smoothies everyday, but that’s getting a bit tired (and will be too cold for that soon). Please share your suggestions!


  1. says

    My favorite afternoon snack is either Greek yogurt with either trail mix or defrosted frozen strawberries mixed in (the defrosted berries leave a great natural sauce, yum!) or a slice of toast with LC blue cheese wedge with fig butter on top.

  2. Christina says

    I love snack time! I usually have some fruit with nut butter or whole nuts. I also like many of Mama Pea’s snacks (chocolate pb protein cookies, protein trail mix cookies, veggies with mmmm sauce (original or peanut)).

  3. says

    I do smoothies year round. That’s what blankets and comfy sweaters are for!

    But otherwise I love roasted veggies and hummus. Or FSTG chips. Or toast with nut butter. Or oatmeal. Yumm snacks 😉

  4. says

    I like both Long Beach shirts. Very different, but both equally awesome. I also heart the RER shirt.

    Afternoon snack – whatever I didn’t eat already. When I go to work in the am I take a pile of food with me. Nuts, carrots, fruit, etc. I munch on it throughout the day. TJ’s cashews are usually the first to go in the am. I always have a bag of baby carrots at my desk and i munch on them constantly.

  5. says

    Am I the only one who doesn’t like to snack? Generally speaking, I prefer to eat three big, hearty meals a day…if I don’t eat till I’m good and stuffed (not overly gorged a la Thanksgiving, but nice and full) at each meal, I’m just hungry all. the. time. The smaller meals (and by that I mean lower-calorie) and snacking just never worked for me!

  6. says

    I like your race shirt! The palm trees are cute, I like it better than the gray one I think.

    My favorite snacks: english muffin w/laughing cow, fruit and cottage cheese, TJ’s veggie chips (or any) dipped in chive cottage cheese, veggies and black bean dip or hummus, string cheese

  7. says

    Ah, how did I just see that shirt for the race? I love it! Seriously, RnR needs to take a hint from them and make their shirts like that. WAY BETTER and more flattering!

    And my afternoon snack as of late has been a banana chocolate chip bar I’ve been making and an organic pear or apple. Or some pb and fruit. I was on a smoothie kick too but now it’s getting cold…though I heard it’s hot down in SoCal right now! Only 82 here today!

  8. Bethany says

    Currently my afternoon snack is grapes and Snyder nugget pretzels. Sometimes with hummus. I also love apples with PB or Trader Joes carmel sauce.

  9. Angie says

    I love eating cereal when I get home from school (I’m a high school teacher), but I have NO control when it comes to carbs like that. I’m sure I eat three to four servings. If I want to really feel satisfied, I need something with a lot of protein like greek yogurt or hard-boiled eggs.

  10. says

    My favorite afternoon snack=hummus! Sabra has these AWESOME grab-and-go individual pretzel-hummus packs. They’re perfect, because if someone didn’t stop me, I could probably eat an entire big container of hummus in one sitting.

  11. Jen says

    Banana and peanut butter (has to be crunchy). I also like yogurt with a variety of fruit mixed in. Hmmm, pretzels/carrots and hummus. Ok, basically I like all snacks.

  12. says

    When you say favorite, do you mean snacks I love the taste of and want to gorge myself on? In that case, pita chips & hummus or chips, chips and HOT salsa, or dry junkfood cereal like cinnamon toast crunch or reeses puffs.
    If you meant nonbottomless snacks, greek yogurt with fruit stirred in, a tupperware full of fruit, or an apple or banana with peanut butter :)

  13. Kellie says

    I like the zen bakery carrot cake muffins with 2% greek yogurt. I sprinkle part of the muffin on the yogurt and it is satisfying and keeps me full until dinner.

  14. says

    I like the design of the shirt, and definitely will be buying one when they become available. I love both of the Long Beach Marathon shirts. As someone who only has a handful of shirts so far, I am enticed to run the marathon just to add those designs to my wardrobe. =)

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