What’s in Season at the Farmer’s Market?

This morning I did an easy 4 miler to see how my legs are feeling. It felt okay, but my Garmin said I was going super slow! No wonder that lady with a walker lapped me!! Oh well.

It’s French Toast Friday!IMG_0504 (800x533)

But, it shouldn’t be. It should be egg sandwich Friday because Ben’s breakfast looked better than mine. I really need to stick with the eggwiches for optimum fullness.IMG_0507 (533x800)

Then, I headed to work for a short floor shift. I have to put in a few hours each week for phone calls and walking the floor to answer questions. I caffeinated up for the occasion. IMG_0556 (600x800)

After my shift I headed to the Farmer’s Market right around the corner. I enjoyed some samples and a big juicy pear.IMG_0560 (800x600)

IMG_0561 (800x600) IMG_0563 (800x600) IMG_0565 (800x600)

IMG_0566 (600x800)Do you know what’s in season at the Farmer’s Market right now?IMG_0568 (800x600)

IMG_0569 (800x600)

You can use this link to find out what fruits and veggies are in season in your area by month! It’s super helpful if you’re waiting for your favorite to be available.image

Good News  pumpkin butter is in season and available!!! The Trader Joes in Laguna Hills has Pumpkin Butter. I stocked up Winking smileIMG_0570 (800x600)

Since I skipped it yesterday – today is Confession Friday. I need to get this off my chest.

Confessions Thursday Friday:

1. It hasn’t been a week since my last marathon (the one where I swore I was NEVER doing this again). I’m already looking for another I can do (any suggestions?).

2. I shaved all my body hair for my race. Do with that what you will.

3. I feel like I really over-extended myself this month and instead of looking forward to the cruise and my Panama trip I’m dreading them.

4. I may have tapped into the pumpkin butter on the way home from TJ’s. Now my steering wheel is sticky.

5. I ate ice cream after dinner night before last. Now I only have 78 days to break this habit before 2012!

Now I have to pack my suitcase – I’m going on a weekend cruise for my friend Susan’s Bachelorette Party!!! (This is us at her sister’s Bachelorette last February.) I should still be blogging (if I can figure out the internet situation). susan and monica vegas

Question: Ever been on a cruise? To a Bachelorette Party?? To a party at a Farmer’s Market with French Toast???


  1. says

    I HATE overextending myself, it is actually what I am currently working on, because I end up dreading everything. I have to force myself not to make weekend plans because I end up being more stressed than relaxed during these so-called “fun” weekend plans. You’ll enjoy your cruise once you’re there but when you get back try some unstructured days. My less-structured weekends have really been helping :)

  2. says

    I think you’ll have fun on your vacations once they start. The prep is always the most stressful part.
    Depending on when you want to do your next marathon Carlsbad is a good race.

  3. says

    Marathon – I suggest Eugene Marathon because Oregon is awesome (the state, not the school… ew) and because I’m prob doing the half.

    No cruises here, but I’ve been to one bachellorette party. Some guy decided to follow us around and be friends with us. Kinda dampened the mood.

    Aaaaand, I got my personal trainer study stuff in the mail yesterday. I did a small happy dance and took 100 pics of myself with the books trying to not make a creepy face.

  4. says

    Funny. Come down to San Diego for the Carlsbad marathon in January. It’s a fun one! :) I can send you the link if you want.
    Love your confession days. My confession for the day is that I taught a spin class this morning in my pajama top. Classy.

  5. says

    I need to get some pumpkin butter, I’ve never had it before if you believe it! I love pumpkin seed butter though even if it is greenish in colour :)

    I already signed up for my next half too. It’s not until May, and is in Vancouver, BC, Canada, which really isn’t all that far away from you and it could count as running an international marathon :)

  6. Kate says

    Do you ever use egg substitute? I feel like I always have 50 cartons of it from Costco in my fridge and I know you’re a big Costco fan…

  7. says

    I went on a cruise to Alaska when I was younger – it was great, and the food was fantastic! I slept like a baby because of the gentle rocking, and did I mention the food was fantasic?!

    For my bachelorette party, my friends dressed me up like Marilyn Monroe (wig and all); they dressed up as my entourage, and we went dancing and bar hopping – and I rode the mechanical bull…in my dress…very slowly LOL

    Have a great weekend!!

  8. says

    Actually, I’ve been on three cruises–they’re a BLAST! Though the ones I went on were at least a week long, but I bet weekend ones are fun, too!

    Also, I’m curious what the story is behind shaving for the race. Is that supposed to help in some way…?

  9. Amanda says

    My TJs doesnt have pumpkin butter yet wahhh! Just a thought, if you really enjoy dessert or having a snack after dinner, maybe you shouldn’t disallow it? Maybe you could try to set a calorie limit for your snack/dessert (200 cals or something)? If you’re anything like me, you set all or nothing rules and then disappoint yourself when you can’t follow through. Just a thought :)

  10. says

    If your pumpkin butter is like the stuff I bought (which was $5.79 and I didn’t realize this ’til I got home–oops), it is a little spicy! I was going to use it just on toast (with peanut butter, naturally) until I tasted it and realized it was spicier or something and that it needs to be eaten with meat. I know, kind of weird, but I’m all about pumpkin butter with pork! Try it! :)

  11. Pam says

    How ’bout Vegas (Dec.), R&R Arizona (Jan.), LA Marathon (Mar.)? :)

    Every time I see something “pumpkin…”, or sandia I think of you! :) I bought that same Pumpkin Butter at TJ’s yesterday too!

    Have FUN on your cruise!! 24 hr. buffet on water! We went on a cruise a few years ago…had the BEST time! We went to Mazatlan, Cabo, Puerto Vallarta. Whenever I went missing my husb could find me by the ice-cream machine! No shame… :)

  12. says

    This is totally not related to your post at all, but I just ran the Kansas City Half Marathon and there was a girl holding a sign and cheering us on that could have been you. It made me a little happy to think a Monica lookalike was cheering for us :)

  13. says

    I have never actually been to any of those things (except my own bachelorette) have a great time! And I think you’ll have fun on your vacations once you get there. At least I hope so.

  14. Nicole says

    There’s the Surf City Marathon on February 6, 2012 in Huntington Beach…..not far from where you are. I hear the course is flat and the views are gor-geous! I signed up for it last month! Not to sound a like a creepazoid, but hope to see you there! :)

  15. says

    Lmao, prolly tmi but funny nonetheless. That’s something I would drop in dinner convo with my best friend.
    I love the pics from the farmers market, I think I want to decorate my future kitchen with food pics, it makes sense right? Now I just need to learn how to take a good pic.

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