My weekend was all about staying up too late, getting up too early and eating way too much. So, this afternoon I was sluggish and dragging. I put a band aid on the problem with an iced coffee. My Target order that was supposed to be a secret from Ben arrived while I was gone. I put a band aid on it by making him a good dinner. I snacked too much this afternoon (tired = … [Read more...]

Cat Mat


I got home from the cruise today around 10am. The box of Cheerios didn’t hold me over so I ate a real breakfast and caught up on emails while letting it settle Then, I remembered we still had pumpkin cream cheese so I made half a bagel with pumpkin cream cheese and pumpkin butter. It was pamazing ;) I knew I was not going to want to exercise after getting home so I put my … [Read more...]

Set Sail Before The Veil


I’m back from the Bachelorette Party Cruise! It was a blast, but it’s nice to get home and back to “normal life”. Actually, normal life won’t last too long because I’m leaving again Saturday morning for Panama. This month is ridiculous. I’m actually blogging from outside the cruise ship terminal. I went through customs early to avoid a long line. But there was a slight … [Read more...]